Bye Bye Pilot

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jonwilly, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Helicopter-maker Sikorsky to build pilotless Black Hawk

    By Alex Spillius in Washington
    Published: 11:39PM GMT 02 Feb 2010
    "Helicopter-maker Sikorsky to build pilotless Black Hawk
    Sikorsky intends to introduce the unmanned Black Hawk Helicopters by 2015

    After the unmanned drone, the craft could be the next great aerial innovation for the US armed forces.

    Sikorsky has announced a $1 billion venture it hopes will respond to military demand, which includes the Black Hawk helicopters.

    The military workhorse, made famous by the book and film after two were shot down in Somalia in 1993, is heavily relied on over the long stretches of mountain and desert in Afghanistan.

    The new version of the helicopter would allow it to fly with two, one or even no pilots, increasing the number of journeys it could undertake and reducing the risk to US personnel.

    It could be used both "when the mission is really dull or really dangerous", said Chris Van Buiten, director of Sikorsky Innovations.

    The greatest challenge - apart perhaps from calming the nerves of passengers flying without a human at the controls - is transferring technologies currently used in Predator drones to Black Hawks that are 20 times heavier.

    Sikorsky intends to have a model of an unmanned Black Hawk ready this year and introduce it by 2015, at an estimated cost of £10.6 million each.

    Change would not only be technical, but also cultural, Mr van Buiten said. "Pilots are not going to give up that seat easily," he said."

  2. struthhhh thats bad..a hely has busted wings as it is.. your never in control of the thing,,your just guessing what to do next to stop yurself dropping like a there putting them up without a brain ????
  3. Where's the problem? The AAC has been doing that for years. :D

    Retiring to deep bunker.
  4. Snigger......................................
  5. So, the tagline for the remake of the movie "Black Hawk Down" should be.....

    Black Hawk Down......Who gives a fuck?
  6. I don't have a problem with a UAV and no pilot. There is no-one on board, so if there is a problem of any sort, mechanical or the sat comms link back to the stick monkey in his air conditioned cabin, then that's fine. No-one will die.

    However, a pilotless chopper with a cab full of troops is another matter. I'd rather have someone up the front end who can crash land it if there's a problem!

    Presume a pilotless chopper would still need a loadie or two to control the troops / load???
  7. Otherwise there will be the persistant popping of weapons through perspexes, the opening of doors during flight as it's a bit warm (unless the doors are locked before take off) and there'll always be one idiot opening panels while looking for the toilet. 8O
  8. I'd rather have someone thinking "I've got to land this thing" rather than "That's going to cost me a crate".
  9. Exactly.....
  10. BofF..You only need a loadie to open the door!! (Loud gaffaw)
  11. You mean like that Puma pilot at Catterick?
  12. I can open the fecking door! I was thinking more a loadie to fire the guns and stop the stick monkey (in his air conditioned cabin) from flying the taxi into a hill / tree / building etc etc!!!!!!
  13. or the heli-sub full of cadets in wales.

    packets of salt not included
  14. Troop carrying cabs must always have a pilot. I owe my life to one or two.
    Armed drones are another matter.
    But I must admit that 'jamming' will always be a problem.
  15. Surely they are just playing "Catch Up" with Kaman?