Bye Bye NHS?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pyianno, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - NHS hospital management by overseas firms 'discussed'

    What's the collective ARRSE wisdom on this one? Glad to see it go?

    Personally I'm miffed about Lansley and the Tories not having the balls to come out and say what their objectives are - at least I'd respect them for this.

    This giant 'con' they're playing ("we don't want to privatise the NHS") isn't fooling anybody.
  2. If the NHS is taken over by a 'firm' (overseas or domestic) then the NHS is by definition privatised... even if it is still being paid for by the NI contributions.

    We'd be better served binning daft 'targets' and the plethora of managers and getting back to 'healing the sick'.

    Giving people the chance to choose their hospitals (from the local areas) would allow the performers and non-performers to be spotted. Non of this you must do twelvty hips and fiveteen ingrowing toenails for every heart bypass or what ever.
  3. Do you have a problem with your GP? They have been private enterprises since the start of the NHS.

    The NHS is the closest thing this country still has to organised religion. Any thoughts or plans for change are treated as if it is in contravention of a holy text.

    Sadly in reality it is not a perfect system staffed by "angels" whose only concern is the welfare of its patients. The reality is that it is a monolithic organisation set up in large part to service the needs of its employees not its users. For the amount it costs it should be doing so much better.
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  4. Really?

    Have you conducted any research into its cost relative to other systems? Or the outcomes obtained for that money?
  5. If you read your own link you will "see" that selective quoting by BBC news from the Observer and Unison (and yourself) proves nowt. All Governments irrespective of colour are constantly consulting but whether it gets to be a debate in parliament or to policy level or are different matters.
  6. Yes have you?
  7. But nobody will have that choice. Lansley is spouting twaddle about "choice" and "patient-centric care".

    He was asked on question time whether a patient would be able to decide which hospital they want to - answer: No.
  8. I haven't made any claims about whether or not it's value for money.

    Go on then. Show us your research.
  9. Well my belief in the Bill being de facto privatisation actually has nothing to do with the article - the article was just an interesting starting point.
  10. The World Health Organization, in its World Health Report 2000, provided a ranking of health care systems around the world according to criteria of the overall level and distribution of health in the populations, and the responsiveness and fair financing of health care services.[3]

    I think that the fact that the WHO place us 2nd bottom in that table is fairly damming. What do you think about it?
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  11. So why use the link instead of just putting your own personal views on where the current government is going vis-a-vis the management of the NHS?
  12. I think you've quoted a website which quotes an eleven year old report compiled using 13 year old data.
  13. Because I wanted to know what ARRSERs think of the continuing developments.

    The news article is a new development - mostly because of Shirl-The-Girl's response and whether or not the Bill will actually manage to get through the Lords.