bye bye NATO????


So there goes the neighbourhood!

Trust Dubya to arrse it all up!

By the way, if the UK commitment is 40,000, where are they in fact coming from?

Insta-soldiers- simply add water and shake vigourosly!
So Dubbya manages to put the future of NATO and the UN in jeopardy?

Not bad going for someone only halfway through their term.

I look forward to the other half of this interesting residency.

.......Assuming we all live long enough
Is anyone really all that surprised? The US is going to bomb Iraq back to the stone age and withdraw just in time to make sure that British troops are the ones on the ground so that the US body-bag count is low. The fact that any resistence will be faced at Turkey doesn't concern the Bush as the Turks don't vote in Congressional elections coz they are just A-Rabs. If it was Israel on the other hand, you could expect to see a division or two of armoured inf and a few Patriot batteries shipped out in short order.

I propose a new axis of evil Bush-Blair!
I suggest you pay them more money.......

by Tanya Goudsouzian
Gulf News, 30th January

Salahuddin, Northern Iraq: The United States will not use areas
Kurdish control in a war against Baghdad, said Massoud Barzani,
President of
the Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq.

"We are not in favour of a war," he told Gulf News in an exclusive
yesterday. "If there were any other means to achieve the same goal,
we would
rather do that."

In response to a televised threat by Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister
Aziz, who said Baghdad would attack any government that assists the
U.S. in
taking military action against the ruling regime, Barzani said: "No
government can stop the U.S. from reaching any goalŠ (But) no attack
will be
made from Kurdish-controlled areas."


War Hero
why is everyone acting so suprised. This has been a French ambition since the 1960's to break up NATO and form a defence alliance based in Europe under their influence. The Germans also now see it that way. Wonder how long it'll be before Franco-German alliance propose our seat pn UN security council should go to Germany as a Major European Power.


War Hero
Precurser to WW3 in europe???  It's all starting to resemble the middle ages/ Napoleonic era!

Next we'll have Germany re stating its rights to the sudeten land and the border areas of Poland..... :-/
well said Nurse,

Hopefully we will end any interest in a Euro army, how we ever entertained the idea is beyond me.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the whole GWII issue, you can't have members of an organisation pick and choose when they want to play, you're in or out. Its not that the issue is about attacking anybody, it's about the defence of a country who feels threatened. Every member state should be doing their upmost to assist Turkey in it's call, not playing political power games.

Anyway I'd nuke the French, if for no other reason than six miserable years trying to learn their poxy language to then join the army and go to West Germany.


The French will be able to come back on our side, we just have to let them sell their weapons during the conflict (higher price), thats going on.. to the other side.

At least we (UK)give the others time to get used to the weapons over the years that we sell them, before we have a go at them...


You can't have members of an organisation pick and choose when they want to play.  Every member state should be doing their upmost to assist Turkey in it's call.
If Uncle Sam doesn`t invade Iraq to steal it`s oil then Johnny Turk won`t be under threat will he ?

I don`t recall NATO doing much when British sovereign territory was invaded in 1982 , do you ?


Thank you ex-dvr , fully understand the treaty now I`ve read it .

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