Bye Bye Kings Regt

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by discodan, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. To all those KINGOS out there who served THE COLOURS and served them proud GOD BLESS YOU ALL and remember you will always be KINGSMEN from the day you first wore the Cap badge to the day St Peter calls.
  2. Good bye Kingos?
    Don't tell me someone's stolen them?
  3. Outstanding ORC. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You are clearly living a lot further East than any of the rest of us.
  4. touche' :D
  5. And hello 2 Lancs dont forget they soldiers will still be called Kingos
  6. Said ex Kingo and Trustee Discodan, who is due for parole in 2007.
  7. Amnogst other things.
  8. Under the terms and conditions of their ASBOs, they're not aloud to congregate in groups of more than two. :(
  9. ha ha ha ha ... and yes they will still be kingsmen ... however the new capbadge is feckin awful...
  10. They can always nick someone else's. Although to be honest never had a problem with the Kingo's- the RGJ now that's another story.
  11. Can anyone tell me, as The King's Regiment is senior to the QLR, why are they becoming the 2nd battalion?
  12. .........and why Kgsn? Why not Dksn?
  13. Having made a cheap remark, just to confirm the excellent relationship we sybills had with Kings in NI early 70s. The fact that they can take urine poor remarks in good fashion confirms all has not been lost.
  14. Sad to see another fine old regiment discarded as new labour and BLiar seek to remove history and heritage from the forces. Well done the Kings, and all the best to you as the 2 BN of Duke of Lancasters.
  15. well when I am prime minister I will re-instate the old capbadge and break up the dukes whatever it is lol