"Bye bye England" says Scotland

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joker62, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. Thank fuck they are looking to someone apart from England to pay for their lifestyle.
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  2. Hhmmm, does Scotland have oil?
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  3. Yes. Currently flowing into the Westminster exchequer.

    It's not a bad idea. Personally I would much rather be part of a Nordic-minded society (very Social Democratic) than the current thinking pervading England (Market Liberal). Trouble is you've got to have the resources to pay for it and I am not sure Scotland does.

    I fear even more that there are no political heavyweights who can debate the issue effectively with Salmond, especially not on our side of the border.
  4. I was actually thinking from an invasi er liberation point of view. Yes liberation that's it...
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  5. Oh dear, here we go again =|

    Can we please have a week without this shite
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  6. Brilliant another thread about Sweaties becoming the Ethiopia of Europe.
  7. How amusing, will the Scando countries actually be keen on the Sweaties after the English have run the Northsea basins dry and cut them loose?
  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Back in the mid-1990s, when 'New' Labour was stealing Tory policy and trying to pull together as many disparate interest groups as it could to gain enough critical mass to get themselves elected, did they really think that devolution wouldn't turn around and bite them on the arse, or did they just not care? Another not-so-little piece of treason that Blair and his cohorts should be had for.

    Whether an independent Scotland is a good idea or not, I think it's desperately sad that the union could potentially end all for the sake of electing some two-dimensional chancer whose only ambition was self-interest.
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  9. Could'nt agree more mate, the usual 'muppets' at work asking the same usual stupid questions..
  10. Would Norway be exporting crazy gunmen across the North Sea?

    Where does the X go ?
  11. OK here are the facts:

    The Scottish folk will not vote for seperation, it will vote for DevoMax.

    The North Sea will not be dry for many many years.

    We can sell you lots of water for a very large fee.

    I dont eat deepfried mars bars, pizzas or anything from a chipshop.

    I don't drink buccy, I prefer red wine with the occassional brandy.

    OK you can close the thread now. :thumright: :eye:
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  12. I quite like buccy and it's very good value. Do you mix the wine with the brandy for your own version of "reck the hoose juice":)
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  13. As above...... :0(

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  14. If it turned the gopping jock women from fat sweaty gwars into blonde nordic beauties I'd be all for it.

    (certain members of the present company excepted of course, having just seen a picture of FMP on the women at age 52 thread!)
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