Bye Bye Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by oracle316, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. What will the local cone heads do now!
  2. It will continue to be a local place, for local people :cyclopsani:
  3. So will the camp close completly or will a new unit go in ?
  4. new unit going in but not sure which, poor buggers at least it will keep the cone heads happy
  5. See the attached flyer re DTR. It includes a vague comment on Blandford units.... :frustrated:

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  6. Hey! leave the cone heads alone! i live in blandford :cyclopsani:
    thankfully im not originally from there :thumleft:
  7. they will need another batch of squaddies in blandford, as the gene pool is running dry!
  8. Starve to death or die of some kind of horrible disease caused by breeding with their sisters hopefully.
  9. JBM,Are you inferring that cone heads breed with the opposite sex, or in fact know how to breed. I will tell you a secret but do not tell anyone.
    The badger brewery is actually a experimental cloning factory and they dump the waste products in the Interesting Georgian Town. Sssshh
  10. huurraaaayyy!!!!! :thumright: