Bye bye Blair...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. BBC link

    BBC link

    Come on David... Give us even more reasons to vote Tory... and we might just give you a job. How about claiming that adoption agencies may not discriminate against gays... but that may be heavily biased towards family units that have the bipolar advantage of both strength and sensitivity (still possible within gay relationships) which lets kids decide for themselves who they will become. Maybe this is one-in-a-million, but I have lesbian friends whose son is a wimp... he's going to get beaten senseless at school.
  2. Yes, politicians do tend to make such popular pronouncements when in opposition.

    Blair did something similar in 1996 concerning the 'social division' between rich and poor exacerbated under the Tories!

    Its a standard tactic. manipulate a social or political divide discernible to anyone with a brain cell and present yourself as being one who is able to identify with it's inherent injustice.

    Cameron is a man who with a trained PR background and is as vacuous and as shallow as Blair.

    Like like Blair you will not hear anything similar if he is propelled into office. Like Blair he will suffer the same level of power-induced amnesia which arises as a natural and probable consequence of being elected by those who area gullible enough or desperate enough to actually believe in what he has to say.

    It is the same route on the same tired journey we embark on every single time and every single time we fall for it.

    Those who seek power will say anything to achieve it and having achieved it will say anything to retain it.
  3. Whilst I am convinced that the Tories need to be in power, I really don't like the idea of Cameron being PM.
  4. He did do something to close the gap in all fairness, he gave all the workshy and over fertile chavs more money. Now they've got bigger tv's than most of us who actualy work, and a host of the latest electrical entertainment devices to amuse themselves with.
  5. Unless you curb the almost total monarchical power which now resides in the office of a British Prime Minister and have a Parliament with the strength to hold a government to account you will never ever have a Political Party in power. All you will ever have is one man - an elected Monarch.

    Blair is simply the latest in a series of leaders whose modernising agendas have 'modernised' us all the way back to the 14th Century!

    Cameron will, in the absence of any real democratic credentials simply become the latest heir to the throne.