Bye bye Bickies

He'll absolutely hate this, but I couldn't care less. He'd have to stand on a chair to hit me... :D

It seems the callsign known most lately as 'Biscuits_AB' has left us after First Parading for the last time.

In addition, he has handed in his ARRSE Mod 90 (Rev 4/94) at the Guard Room as well.

I - for one - will miss his ascerbic wit and good banter, of which I have fallen foul of in the past, and deservedly so.

Whatever you're up to, I wish you all the best and nothing but success and good things.

Nec hostium timete, nec amicum reusate.


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He'll be back - he is as hooked as the rest of us
Can't say as I blame him. But I'm with A_Y (not literally, I can't abide Sweaties) and I'd wager he'll still be popping in from time to time. After all it's only a matter of time before the likes of BabyBlue are displaying their ovaries on here.
He'll be missed.

I can't wait to see what he returns as.
Rumour has it that he is still searching for love after "poopey" turned him down yet again, I will certainly miss his signiture, "marry me poopey" and I suspect so will poopey!
He'll be back (hopefully). He's had more names than Lloyds.

Liz, I fear if Biscuits did 'love you', he would make you scream like a kindergarten kid sitting on Gary Glitters knee (or some one else from this site...).

Rumour goes he is hung like a baboon.
jinxy said:
liz_the_nurse said:
wow..a babe and a big wanger...lucky guy!
Have you seen a baboons wanger? :
I've seen a few. Done a cull in Kenya many moons ago, courtesy of a pea farm manager and a very understanding boss. Soft as shite they are, dying as soon as a 5.56 penetrates their overdeveloped chests.

I digress, I removed their wangers with well aimed blasts of the farm managers 12 bore and I can concure that they are hung like overweight, Jewish children. Yes baboons have no foreskins. The simian rabbi must have been a fast runner and had a head for heights.
I digress, I removed their wangers with well aimed blasts of the farm managers 12 bore
Over kill, perhaps? a .22 air rifle would have done the job. But then you would have neaded the 12 bore, cuz monkey or not, get your wang shot off and I think most creatures with one would be piss ed off.

How does a thread about a, "member" digress into shooting baboons wangs off?
The ill formed point I was attempting to make was Biscuits would rather do a shovel recce on a bed of nettles than ram one home with the likes of you, Liz.

If I have offended you, I apologise sincerely. As I believe that is the way things should be stated now.

I wish you a non descript period of mediocrity.

(I would wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year but the PC Stasi would inform me that;

Merry= Offends Alcoholics
Christmas= Offends non Christians
Happy= Offends Manic depressives
New= Offends old folk
Year= Offends people who still do not recognise the Gregorian calendar. Can of worms here because we may well touch a few nerves on the Russian Revolution, Prods, Bog trotters, Boxheads, Chinks, Yids, Wops, Eyeties, Spicks, Ragheads, Seventh Day Hop Adventists, Flat Earthists, Satanists, Glue Sniffers and any other person who wants to kick off for being fucking different for the sake of it. Not my fault, it's the 'common sense culture' we live in. Take it up with them, not me. I'm off to chuck a half Jewish, half Muslim, half Methodist amputee dwarf on a pile of burning Bibles, Korans and Torahs whilst masturbating over a copy of 'Priests Monthly', simultaneously holding a mirror to the lyrics of an Iron Maiden album whilst reciting the Lords Prayer in an ancient dialect of Mongolian...backwards.

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