Bye Bye Barbados.

Sadly if they get into bed with either the Chinese or Americans they will be asset striped within a decade and corporations will run the island. But, if that's what they voted for, then so be it. Not our problem any more.
I understand the problem there wasn’t a vote……. “Nothing to see here, move along.”
Eggsactly what point are you trying to make or are you poaching someone else’s comment?
I thought it was a cracking point to be honest.
The Chinks have a bigger 'footprint' in the Caribbean now than us. It's been going on for a while.

I hope the slanty-eyed savages ravage the place. Unfortunately, as the WIGS has been contracted out to Hoseasons, there ain't gonna be a White Ensign hoving into view to carronade the yellow peril anytime soon. More's the pity.
If they thought being governed by a chinless bisexual in a feathery hat was bad,wait until they've got bamboo strapped to every limb and they're being cooked alive.
We gave them phone boxes and natty uniforms, the treacherous cnuts
The move of Barbados is akin to Dom Mintoff on Malta in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Strong whiff of Soviet influence about his anti-British rhetoric given that in 1965 (IIRC) the Maltese seriously considered the island becoming an English County.
Yes, we did our asset-stripping in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Depends which way you look at it. The Brits ate the pigs and built plantations (worked by slaves). While not morale, it was less striping and more building and creating. The wealth did head back to Blighty.
I notice that our Bajan chums have agreed to set E2R free.

To my knowledge I have only ever known one Bajan (Hello Phil!) and it was looong ago so since noone at the BBC seems to have seen fit to report on the campaign as it was ongoing can anyone shine any light?

Hopefully it means less of them coming here to squander us.

Every cloud and all that...
Wave them goodbye and encourage the rest of the scrounging leeches to follow.

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