Bye bye bad guys

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Better late than never, but I like the part where the UK govt has got the countries they are to be returned to to agree to not mistreat them in any way. I wonder if the FO checked to see if they had their fingers crossed at the time!
  2. More human rights abuses by the Chekist Blair reigeme.

    Doubtless Liberty and Amnesty will thankfully be leaping to their defence. Few in your country can hope to understand the abuse, hardship and privation that some of these individuals will suffer if deported*

    thankfuly they can be sure that there will be sufficient legal aid available to ensure that their appeals are properly funded.
    Doubles all round!!

    * includes:
    having to suffer with only terestrial channels,
    prospect of having to live without housing benefit,
    Withdrawl of income support AND family credit
    and worse privations as living without double glazing and central heating.
  3. Can we claim back all the financial aid they've been given?
  4. Also seems that the UK has signed a deal with Jordan, stating that people we deport to Jordan WILL NOT be executed or tortured.

    Excellent news, as now the human rights pussies shouldn't have a leg to stand on when we deport the scum!
  5. It will be just like Hans Blix in Team America

    The UK will send them a letter telling them how annoyed they are, I can just see it:

    Dear Mr Sheik Rattle and Roll,

    We are saddened to hear that you have cut the head off some pain in the Khyber, and we are really annoyed.

    Because of that we are going to send Prince Edward on a state visit



    PS at least Sophie will be there!
  6. Good move! Now let's see more of the same please.
    The ideal situation would have been trial for treason followed by the gallows but i guess this is the best we could hope for in this day and age. Iraq would have been a good place for 'em too, 5 rounds at the target in front, go on.

    A little message to the folks at 'liberty' and 'amnesty' ....... [​IMG]
  7. Now, that would be CRUEL - no country deserves that.

    This Abu Qatada sounds a dangerous fellow and no mistake. It was very good of the Government to identify this threat to national security, and banged him up as soon as he set foot on this sceptered Isle no doubt?

    Errrrrrrr wait......


    Curioser and curiouser said the little Blonde girl.