Bye bye ants chest hair...

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by antphilip, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Having made a drunken gentleman's agreement with one of the fairer sex I have now been convinced to have my chest hair waxed away for Red nose day.

    To this end I thought I'd open this up to the generous people of Arrse to hopefully get a few more donations in. It is truly a good cause and let's face it I'll probably end up losing tears over this one...

    As a quid pro quo I shall of course upload the photos and, possible, video of it happening for those who donated's amusement.

    Due to Red nose not really being that great for persec if you'd like to donate send me a PM and i'll send you the Red nose link so you know it's all legitimate.

    A big thank you to the three arrsers who have already donated! Hopefully there will be more to come :thumleft:
  2. Jesus mate! I did this for Children In Need two years ago (I have a crop like Chewbacca) and have never felt pain like it (it was even videoed :crying: )

    Happy to donate fella just to get ball rolling (ha ha ha ha ha - you have no comprehension).
  3. (bumpity bump)

    Both chest hairs ant?
  4. I wish it were that few! As those who have donated can attest... there is a bit of a bush!
  5. Bump bump
  6. Almost half way, not bad for one evening :)
  7. I've seen a matelot's photos of them doing it last year... this is going to hurt... a few donations to see my tears isn't much... :D

    (bumpy bumpy)
  8. re bump.... how much have you raised now?
  9. Have you still got the video?

    Student boy - PM me the link and I'll think about it. As long as I can make a wig for Happyhammer out of the remnants.
  10. £110 so far
  11. send me the link then virgin
  12. Who gets to do the waxing?
  13. A professional. I'm not stupid :D
  14. You can say that after agreeing to have your chest waxed can you?!