By the "Power of ARRSE"

I need the search power of ARRSE members as I've failed miserably in my attempt to trace a British Scriptwriter by the name of Terry Hodgkinson, I can only locate him up to 2007 in a few places online but no contact details and no mention of him after this period, can any Google Research Whizzes help out in this Quest for Mr. Hodgkinson...

The Search/Detective Power of ARRSE is needed...

bovvy said:
How sophisticated are you looking for?

He's listed by these Literary Agents here:

The Literary Agents have an address and phone number here:

..... and may be able to give contact details, if you ask.

Or this website gives you details of website owners of any website this chap might be listed on:
Thanks Bovvy I'll make a start with your list...

I believe that he is now the chair of Yorkshire Forward
Bonzo_Dog said:
I believe that he is now the chair of Yorkshire Forward
Is that a joke, Bonzo?
Because I was assuming (yeah ... I know) that was a different bloke with the same name.
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