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Notepad stops ak47 bullet. Lighter than kevlar plates. :D,,1-2-924875,00.html

I've been shot in the notepad
By Simon de Bruxelles

A PVC-covered notepad has been credited with saving the life of a British Army sergeant who was shot in the chest with an AK47 assault rifle in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Mark Heley, 35, was reconnoitring an airfield when his patrol came under attack from a barrage of small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. A bullet ricocheted off a pistol in his webbing and embedded itself in the notepad inches from his heart.
Sergeant Heley, a father of three, did not find the bullet until the day after the raid on the airbase at Qalat Sukkar in central Iraq.

He said: “I suddenly thought, ‘I’ve been hit’. But then I realised there was no pain. The next day my driver said, ‘Have you seen this?’ and he showed me my webbing with the notebook and the round in the book. I was a bit shocked for a couple of minutes. It was like the old Bible stopping the Indian arrow. I’m going to frame it and tell the grandchildren about it.”

Sergeant Heley has been awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry during the conflict.
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