By 2040: an Arctic with no ice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. By 2040: an Arctic with no ice?
    Times Online
  2. Will this have an adverse effect on the Arctic Convoy Veterans centenary?
  3. No one who has seen how glaciers have receeded in the last x years can be surprised by this.

  4. It really is time to start building Dutch style sea defences, when the Arctic goes Greenlands ice will follow and so will maps as we know them.
  5. More alarmist bollocks. Given that Greenland and most of Antarctica are actually gaining ice mass at the moment (although the "leading climatologists" will only tell you about the very small bits which are losing it).

    It is clear that piece is based on a computer model -- when the current computer models can accurately predict the actual changes which have occurred since 1950 (which none of them can do -- they all overestimate hugely -- and they cannot even agree to within 5° what the temperature today should be so the results are "fudged"), then I will have some truck with their predictions for the future.

    Given that according to the climate research Centre at the University of East Anglia, the global mean temperature has been stable since 1998, these computer model based predictions of catastrophe by Thursday next are starting to wear a little thin...
  6. I see your boosting your income Stoatman - how do I get on that Petro Dollar / Dick Cheney gravy train?

  7. And your evidence of this is where?
  8. Well as with all these disaster is coming stories there is always something left out.

    Now finding that report was not easy, the first 5 pages of Google hits are all of the same "the sky is falling" reports about how the Greenland ice cover is dissappearing at an alarming rate.

    As for the Antarctic regions_

    So are we all about to drown or is the ice just shifting position?

    I don't know but all these "doom and gloom we are all going to die" media reports are not helping.
  9. I agree that its not as bad as all the media make it out to be, but I do believe that there is a shift in weather patterns that will lead to some uncomfortable times ahead.

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    And so on and so on... the references are discussed in detail here:

    Do not confuse predictions coming out of computer models with reality, especially when the same models cannot even retroactively predict what has already happened.
  11. Whilst I belive that we need to cut down on pollution and emissions as they are A Bad Thing, I also think that many of these stories are not looking at the historical perspective either. The Roman empire for example was largely successful in its expansion and settling of other lands partly due to several hundred years of very clement weather (vinyards in Britains for example) and funnily enough when things got colder again the empire began to fall.
    I also belive that whist we can currently see what is going on we have a great deal of difficulty seeing how this fits into the Earths natural cycle over several thousand years. You have to remeber that volcnic activity and natural forest fires have put vastly more elements into the atmosphere in the past than we currently do. I'm in an open mind about all of this. In the mean time I will enjoy drinking a nice whiskey at 21:30 on my patio in August with my feet bare.
  12. Stoatman is on the money. Global warming is a over egged pudding. Try reading the picture as opposed to selective facts. The climate of this planet is an ever changing beast. Where do you think the deserts and morraines in the ground under your feet came from? Environmentalists are scaring the public. Because we need to have something to be scared of. No surprise that this has become the boom industry since the Soviets dropped off.

    I am all for green energy and efficiency, but that is what it is. Efficiency
  13. The whole World is being affected, as odd as it sounded to explorers in the early 1800's, The snowy peak of Mt. Kenya was first sighted by an outsider in 1849 - the missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf - although the idea that there could be snow on the Equator was not believed until the British geographer Halford John Mackinder reached the summit in 1899.

    I was on Mt. Kenya with 3 other lads from my Unit back in 92, it appears we were very fortunate to have seen (and been on) Mackinder's Glacier, this lies off to one side of the main Lewis Glacier as far as I remember, it had shrunk over the years to about 15m in length so may actually be gone now :( has anyone been up on Kenya in recent years and seen what is left of mackinder's, if indeed, there is anything left?!



  14. Stoatman, wind your neck in fella. I appreciate the need for a balanced debate and an open review of the facts, but don't you realise that you're doing exactly the same thing as the doom-and-gloom scaremongers? That is, presenting every little fact out of context and subjectively giving some more weight than others, not to mention how arrogent it sounds for you to spout that the experts have all got it wrong and you and the references you've found are actually the only truth? I don't mean to be arguementative 8O

    Also, don't you just love UEA!! Try UReading, NCAR, NASA, ECMWF, BAS, UCam,UOx, UEdinburgh and most other learned places of environmental research for a change - look at the concensus.

    Might just add though that the first thing I thought when I heard this was "model based? Believe it when I see it". However, I've seen it in Alaska, and not forgetting that last year was the first in living memory people failed to make it back on foot walking to and from the North Pole becuase the ice had melted?
  15. How so? When you have a glass containing a liquid and ice, the ice melts, the glass doesn't overflow does it? The ice is simply displacing the water. The only rise will be from the ice pack in Greenland (which isn't displacing water).