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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RCSignals, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. Does this seem to fit in with "restructuring" "permanent postings" and the future for NI?
  2. Any idea when they are going to move?

  3. Perhaps when 1KOSB leave Omagh (for their amalgamation with the Royal Scots) sometime in '06. What a bloody awful 'permanent posting' for 3SCOTS as they will probably known by then.
  4. NI along with the other light role postings (Cyprus Hounslow etc) will remain rotational, least we say goodbye to any Bn posted permanently into one of those locations. For the light guys, arms plotting will continue in all but name. Beleieve it's next year if they are taking over from 2 RRF.
  5. 1BW are on the move to Belfast Dec 05/ Jan 06 I think?

    I was told by a serving 1BW SNCO that they are going to Cyprus for a 6 month UN tour in 2007.

    I was also told that the permenant base for BW will be either Catterick or Fort George.

  6. I understand the current plan is for the BW to see out the rest of this year as the Land Warfare Centre Battlegroup, then move to Belfast for 2 years, taking over from the RGJ, then onto Fort George for another 2 years, and then to Catterick to take up FRES (which will clearly be in service by 2010, for the politicians have said so!!!!)
  7. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Dec 05, definite. Its an AP move, ahead of FIS/FAS etc.
  8. From the rumor that I have heard wit people in 1RIR, is that they are heading south, too take over for 1 para who is taking more of a roll as a handbag carrier for the SAS, b.c of SAS being over worked. The 1RIR comes down and someone moves up there.

    Cheers 2CB
  9. Replacing the Fusiliers in Palace surely. Any one know who will take over as Demo BG in Warminster? I heard a rumour I didn't like the sound of the other day. Surely Demo BG will remain a rotational post as well as Cyprus/NI etc. :roll: [align=left]
  10. Have you joined up now then 2CB?
  11. Demo BG - anyone else heard it'll end up the soon to be re-named RRW? And rotational among POW Div?
  12. RRW - Royal Regiment of Warminster??
  13. [quote="RCSignals

    Have you joined up now then?

    I am going through the office up here in Scarbrough as we speak, keep ya posted. Talking to a Color Sgt. from the Royal Irish that is his information that he relayed to me along confirmed from recruiters.

    Cheers 2 CB
  14. That's the rumour I really wasn't wanting to hear. Some-one confirm this is just idle gossip from 12 Bde; not that they should have time for idle gossip at the moment :roll:
  15. Good luck with it 2CB