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What should the Jocks do?

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  • Fix bayonets and CHAARRGGGEEEEEE!!!!

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From the Courier newspaper:

By Steve Bargeton, political editor

PRIME MINISTER Tony Blair will come face to face with the soldiers he sent into Iraq’s infamous Triangle of Death and who now face the loss of their cherished regimental status, The Courier can exclusively reveal.

By coincidence The Black Watch will parade in Dundee tomorrow at the same time as Mr Blair gives his keynote address to the Scottish Labour Party conference in the city.

As he galvanises the party faithful in the Caird Hall for the expected May general election, Dundee Lord Provost John Letford will be outside in City Square taking the salute as The Black Watch march past.

There had been speculation that the Prime Minister would not be meeting the men whose bravery and courage he has praised in the House of Commons on many occasions.

But The Courier understands that Mr Blair will have a private meeting with representatives of the regiment.

It was announced in December that Scotland’s six single-battalion infantry regiments would be restructured to form the five-battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland. Although The Black Watch will survive as one of the five battalions, there are fears that the loss of regimental status will inevitably lead to watering down of its historic links with Tayside and Fife.

The move has provoked fury.

This week the outgoing regimental secretary of The Black Watch, Colonel Stephen Lindsay, said, “This is a most uncalled for and unnecessary proposal, which I hope may yet be reversed, though I fear this would only take place if there is a change of government.”

Last night Jeff Duncan, campaign manager of Save the Scottish Regiments, dismissed the meeting as a “cheap publicity stunt.”

“If Tony Blair doesn’t have the courage to publicly welcome The Black Watch to Dundee then that is further proof of the underhandedness and duplicitousness of this Prime Minister,” he said.

“This will no doubt be a well choreographed publicity stunt arranged to make him look as though he is concerned for The Black Watch.

“If he was truly concerned for the future of The Black Watch he would not have decided to disband them by way of amalgamation.

“Blair needs to remember that when they march down Reform Street on Friday, it could be the last time we see them march as a regiment. The real supporters of The Black Watch will see this for what is it—a cheap publicity stunt.”

Dundee East MSP Shona Robison said, “While the people of Dundee are giving a warm welcome to The Black Watch, I suspect that Tony Blair will be a getting a frosty reception.

“I challenge him to go out and have the guts to face Black Watch soldiers and their families in Dundee on Friday and tell them why their historic regiment is no longer going to continue.”

An army spokesman said, “The Black Watch are parading for the benefit of the people in the local recruiting area who supported them on their recent tour of Iraq and to say thank you for their support.”

Tomorrow the Save the Scottish Regiments campaign will formally pledge their support for the SNP candidates in Dundee East and Dundee West in the general election.


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I would like to vote for options 1 and 2. Pity Bliar is not bringing TCH with him as that would have solved two issues at one go.
I would like to vote for options 1 and 2. Pity Bliar is not bringing TCH with him as that would have solved two issues at one go.
Consider it done. I have in fact allowed for the choice of the bare-arrse salute before or after sticking.
"They dont like it up em" What about a re-enactment from Braveheart, the whole Battalion en mass, short arm inspection !
I will be there!

I look forward to it!

Give him my regards, no need to mention my name, just one of the 100,000 or so that makes him look good, and keeps him and his little ones safe at night.

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