Discussion in 'REME' started by syledis, May 21, 2006.

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  1. What are the running costs for a Hagglund BV206?

    MPG: Please no if you have to ask you cant afford it answers!
    Parts: Availability, costs etc
    Track life: On road versus offroad

    I am thinking of setting up a business with 2 of these and need some info before i go any further to see if it is realistic or not.

    Bye the way, they will be painted orange so there will be no "Walting" going on

  2. Can't give you any technical specifics but I worked on them as a VM when with AMF. On the whole found them reliable. The diesel variant was coming into service but I didn't work on them. The petrol version is your run of the mill ford V6. Gearbox was a Mercedes affair. Seem to remember that I changed mainly road wheels, voltage regulators and cardon shafts. I know the track is expensive (£900) as I faced the wrath of a QM(T) for chopping up a U/S one for ease of transport, (apparantly it can be relifed oops!).

    I would be surpised if the Royal Marines didn't have their own version of ARRSE for you to fish for info. Someone must have a copy of AESPs somewhere.
  3. Am not sure about day to day running cost but there is for sale
  4. The diesel varient were the old 206 with a fortune worth of stuff doen to them by Hagglund. The engine they fitted was a straight 6 Mercedes to match the gear box, on the whole much more reliable, and cheaper to run at a guess, not that the petrol engine was ever bad. The running gear always seemed o suffer more on hard surfaces, but in the snow and soft stuff they worked good. Have you tried the hagglung web site for info? There is some stuff about them on this site, mostly sales though, a start
  5. Thanks for the help and info.

    I',m trying to start a business for something to do when i'm home ( i work 6 weeks on , 6 weeks off) and something i can have a bit of fun with at the same time. I see withams are selling them for 8k so was thinking about them. it would just be a sort of tourist thing, fun ride idea, like the one at Diggerland in the North East. You know, run across country up and down hills and across some water, that sort of thing. They would be dayglo orange and be aimed at families. Is this a realistic proposition with this type of vehicle or am i going to waste my money on a big toy?

  6. Theres a logging company near me who uses one or two. I think they are based in Swansea so will try to get contact details next time i see them.
  7. Just be careful of Whithams, because he is the only one to have to contract to recieve surplus gear he is over priced and does the minimum to get the kit ready, he will also not barter or deal whatsoever because he knows he has the gear and noone else has. I went to inspect a Chieftain MBT there a few years ago for a civvy aquaintence who is mad as a fish and likes tanks, when i found loads wrong with the tank he was unwilling to do any of the work and basically said, u either take it how it is or it can sit here another 10 years.

    Have a good look over all the BV206's he has, and pick the best of them, they will all be the same price just about. This civvy mate had the petrol varient, with the Ford V6 in it and we never had many probs with it, used it for fun and for the odd corporate day, it even went in the solent with no problems!!
  8. Worked on them as well when i was at AMF(L) between 94-98. Great vehicles, had the diesel for a year or so and it was 'kin excellent. They are a piece of p1ss to work on. Petrol versions had small faults (plugs & points usually) diesels just had red lead in fuel problems (muppets filling up). The big cost can be the 'arctic joint' - ensure that they are not twisted. Look for paint peeling off (difficult i know if it has been re-done). Does it drive straight etc (twisted joint generally makes it pull to one side). Ensure you take it for a spin and that all gears can be obtained. Good luck, (apols if i was asking you to suck eggs)