Bv206 blackshod

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by jonah1163, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi looking to get some info on this vehicle , in the ces it comes with a orange/yellow metal ring In the ces it's called front open link , in the 201 it shows it with the wire rope but there is no info anywhere on what's it is used for , the bootnecks that we train say its a weak link but it don't say anywhere what it is?
    Any ideas would be grateful
  2. Cum deflectors off, or whatever it is you're supposed to say.

    Its for towing, the clue being steel rope.
  3. It don't say what it is used for anywhere but it's in the ces ,
  4. Surely there are other things in the CES without an explanation of use, pick axe, spade, puncture outfit, spare tyres etc.
  5. It is the weak link, was used as a aid when recovering with a second bv and SWR so the link would break before damage was caused to eyelet or toe eye. Taught/told not to use it as it can cause damage to the poor ******* driver in the recovery vehicle when it snaps off and lodges into his sweed!
  6. So your saying it's been shit canned then ? Any publications that clarify that ?
  7. It comes from hear say thu the years that it's a weak link but nothing in black and white to say exactly what it is tho ?
  8. Its still in "use" but we were told the other week to **** it off as there's been to many near misses.

    Ill dig out the current presis tommorow there running at my unit.
  9. Ok cheers , so your using swr pintal to tow hook ?
    So on your precise does it say exactly what it is ? Cos the 201 don't and can't find anyway that does ?
  10. I'll check the presis in the morning..but we was taught swr onto tow pinal **** off the shackle and break link and recover from the rear tow..cant be anything else.they did say it was used when wading/swimming the vehicle attach swr to the front pass the other end thru top hatch and you hold onto the link just incase you get stuck..saves some ****** a job attaching swr underwater??
  11. That's the way we teach it , but if someone's says on a ces lesson what's the yellow link !! Can't give a answer as it doesn't say what it is and how it is used within the ces ,