Bv206 blackshod

Hi looking to get some info on this vehicle , in the ces it comes with a orange/yellow metal ring In the ces it's called front open link , in the 201 it shows it with the wire rope but there is no info anywhere on what's it is used for , the bootnecks that we train say its a weak link but it don't say anywhere what it is?
Any ideas would be grateful
It is the weak link, was used as a aid when recovering with a second bv and SWR so the link would break before damage was caused to eyelet or toe eye. Taught/told not to use it as it can cause damage to the poor ******* driver in the recovery vehicle when it snaps off and lodges into his sweed!
So your saying it's been shit canned then ? Any publications that clarify that ?
It comes from hear say thu the years that it's a weak link but nothing in black and white to say exactly what it is tho ?
Its still in "use" but we were told the other week to **** it off as there's been to many near misses.

Ill dig out the current presis tommorow there running at my unit.
Ok cheers , so your using swr pintal to tow hook ?
So on your precise does it say exactly what it is ? Cos the 201 don't and can't find anyway that does ?
I'll check the presis in the morning..but we was taught swr onto tow pinal **** off the shackle and break link and recover from the rear tow..cant be anything else.they did say it was used when wading/swimming the vehicle attach swr to the front pass the other end thru top hatch and you hold onto the link just incase you get stuck..saves some ****** a job attaching swr underwater??
That's the way we teach it , but if someone's says on a ces lesson what's the yellow link !! Can't give a answer as it doesn't say what it is and how it is used within the ces ,
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