BV in a Land Rover?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chocolate_frog, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. I have seen Landies fitted with BVs in the past, quick question. What are they like? Given that the power consumption must be enourmous for the Landys generator/alternator.
  2. Ones i have seen old boy have been in FFR stylee versions and so would have had a 90 Amp turning and burning under the bonnet. Plenty of gusto in that bad boy.
    Hope this helps.
  3. That is what I sort of thought. Normally seen in the back of the RSWOs wagon!!!

    Anyone know of one fitted to a bog standard rover?
  4. No, and it would be an unauthorised Modification making you liable for any costs incurred from damaged caused to equipment or people :x

    Then again if your a civvy & its a civvy vehicle, the answer would be the same :)

    Have fun :D
  5. Calm Englishspringer, it is for my own (as in personally owned) landy. I reckon it would be just the ticket. But I have to get around its rather extreme Ampage requirements.
  6. Fit a larger alternator and battery. But why? Do you live on Stornoway or something?
  7. No, but I do do expeds far and wide over europe and northern Africa.
  8. Ummmm.... Wouldn't it require a 24v system as not fitted ordinary Lannies?
  9. We did this with a BV borrowed from a 432. It worked but we had to keep the revs going high.
  10. Have a kettle. Just looking in to the situation. 24v is a bit of a drama, although I think I have a way around it (REME VE helped on that), main problem is ampage.

    I also have two extra batteries stashed away in side the vehicle (fully isolated from the vehicle battery) to power things like the fridge etc when stationary.
  11. Running a BV from the box standard Rover loom will fry the alternator in the long term. FFR's with the batteries fitted in the rear are more than ample for the job.
  12. The answer to all your problems

  13. Whats a BV?
  14. Would work on an FFR :)

    But you'd get twatted for having an illegal mod mate. :(