BV 206 Wiper Fault

Discussion in 'REME' started by Commando1451, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys

    struggling with a BV 206 wiper motor fault. Basically when you turn the ignition the fuse pops for the motor without actually turning the wipers on.

    Ive got the wiring diagrams for the wagon but they are quite old and quite vague.

    Anybody had any previous knowledge on this fault, or has some better wiring diagrams let me know!

    Arte et Marte!
  2. The fuse is doing it's job, so at least something is working.
  3. Could be that the wipers are jammed up and the motor is drawing too much current. Try removing the motor or linkage and try again. If it works then you'll have to strip down the spindles, clean and regrease.
  4. Yes, had this happen on a truck. Linkage came apart and jammed. Even with wipers switched off there was still power to the motor for the "self-park" and the motor burnt out. Possibly there wasn't a fuse in the circuit.

    Try disconnecting the motor - if fuse still blows when you switch on there will be a short circuit in the live feed.
  5. My guess would be a dodgy earth. So be worth taking the motor off and clean.