Buzzword Bingo

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by vampire_pb, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Alright this ICSC malarky is beginning to grind. (can't find a yawning smiley) 'Already' I hear you say...

    In which case surely a pass-time is required, and what better than the old favourite Buzzword Bingo??

    Has anyone a current template? I'm sure there are old versions out there but those are unlikely to be able to deal with the effects based shernanigans that upsets old Mattis so.

    Unless we'd all rather play Sudoko of course?
  2. Unfortunately I am unable to help; but let me take you to a worse place - 8 hours a day of central lectures before power point - with the mighty OHP :)
  3. I hear what you say but can't help feeling that you both should stop moaning and grasp the educational opportunity that has been given to you and make the most of it; one of you might be a future CDS and returning to give one of the said boring lectures. Put yourself in the place of one of your 'Toms' who thought the training programme you put in place back in the Regiment was not punchy enough, you would not be best pleased.

    We should be united in our moans regarding the RAF wanting to eat at 1730 and using the mess like a NAAFI outlet.
  4. embrace the diversity horizon or whatever and stop boring us boredom an effects-based weapon by the way? In which case I think one of my colleagues has secretly declared war on me!
  5. you need bull $hit bingo dont you


    when you get a line, stand up and shout bull $hit 8O
  6. Many moons ago, my row at JSCSCSCSC all used to get a copy of crosswords and sit in lectures and do them. One day, a Very Senior Crab officer walked in, and as he walked past grabbed one of the member sof our synidacte and, pointing to our crossword said in a voice loud enought o be heard by all - 'I hope you are not going to be bored and do that in my talk.' - cue career laughter from assorted Lt Cols and RAF equivalents.

    Fast forward forty dull Nimrod flying, slightly rough living conditions filled minutes and crab prepares for questions.

    Our Hero stands up - Sir, thank you for that excellent lecture, I have one question - 5 across, postmans bag etc.

    So, to ease your boredom you could also try suicidal questions