Excuse the shakey handwriting but I have just had a very frightening experience. I was head-down, non-nonsense, mindless boogying my way through the Arrse when "KER_THUMP!"

I looked up to see a VERY surprised buzzard splayed across my window, twitching faintly and really not very well. He is still there as I speak. He is slowly coming round and I am in a real dilemma...

a)should I humanely despatch this giant death-dealing passerine with a shovel while it is still feeling a bit poorly

b)see if it recovers its powers of flight, and death-dealing (see above) and then if necessary TRY and despatch it

c)ignore it, feel grateful the window is not cracked and let the big grey bugger look after its own welfare...

Also, we need a Veterinary thread on this site = or a natural history one or somewhere appropriate for THIS kind of problem!
Birds aren't the most intelligent of creatures, a small brain behind a thick skull. I've had smaller birds do the same and they've always recovered in the end. See if it flies away, if it's still out there in a a few hours do the humane thing, but make it painless.

Usually you can stop little birds doing this by buying red stickers for windows that look like a bird of prey, but doubt that'd put off a buzzard. In the meantime admire the bird, buzzards are brilliant and something special.

P.S going out there might bring the bird round as the "danger" reflex kicks in
Go out there? This thing is about two foot tall and seriously chunky....I doubt it is happy.

I think you mean relatively painless. I won't actually use a shovel to despatch it, I'll shoot it with 12g B/B...

We are quite blessed for buzzards around here...I have had two or three in the trees along the side of my property waiting for road-kill, we also have kites and falcons but this is deffo a buzzard.

It has been there for about ten minutes now and seems quite concussed or worse...
Recently a blackbird did that. It was confused for almost an hour (locked the cats in the house).

Cuddles, you're a big strong army (ex-army) man, you telling me you're afraid of a little birdy? :p

Too right if you are!! Where you do live? You're lucky to have that spread, in my hometown we've just started having red kites come back over, but only other bird of prey is the occasional kestrel and rarer sparrowhawk. Norwich is crap for big birds (apart from those picked up on a friday night). I say make the most of it, if it doesn't recover shoot it and have it for dinner, sure it's a delicacy :p
Why not bring it indoors, nurse it back to health and adopt it as a pet, called Brian. It would certainly be a talking point down the pub as it perches on your shoulder nibbling pork scratchings.
But seriously, I had a similiar incident with a sparrowhawk, I dont know how badly it hurt itself, but there was blood on the window. However, after about twenty minutes of sitting dazed amongst the lavender, it flew away with what I can only describe as, a limp.
Buzzard gathering itself...staggering around the patio at present in small circles but seems physically intact...Windsor (see Avatar) is going demented and the dog-flap is closed...
Buzzard gathering itself...staggering around the patio at present in small circles but seems physically intact...Windsor (see Avatar) is going demented and the dog-flap is closed...
are buzzards a protected species?

Lets see what the RSPCA do, give 'em a call and watch as the bird tears 'em to shreds.

then kill the survivor with the 12g
I'd find your local RSPCA centre through Directory Enquiries. They'll probably pick it up and have an aviary it can sit in until it gets its act together ...
Crabby wrote "Birds aren't the most intelligent of creatures, a small brain behind a thick skull". Are you sure you are not descibing members of the RAF Regiment. :lol:
If it's up and moving it'll probably be fine in a while.
Used to have a Harris Hawk that did the same thing, took it to the vet and that's what he told me.
Make the most of the pretty birdy with pointy clawy, beaky things. :)
Dear raptor fans..."Brian" the buzzard is now on his way to the raptor Valhalla. After my last posting I carried on with my life, pausing from domestic tasks to see if he was in need of a shovel or some bacon rind etc. He finally set off purposefully towards the A420 crossroads at the bottom of my drive. He was dragging a wing, rather like a badly field-packed shute. I set off after him to try and see if I could help but too late!

He was involved in a cabinet re-shuffle with a speeding Audi. Significant bump mind you, audi driver spewing rubbery smoke from tyres et cetera. That will, as they say, teach the silly bitch to do 70mph on a 40mph crossroads, frequented by large raptors! Pity it wasn't a velociraptor...

Poor sod, I was just gearing myself up to grab him and put him in a box and take him to the vet in the village...probably saved me a fortune in pork scratchings though!
Ahh, I'm sorry to hear that Cuddles, I was already growing quite fond of Brian, and envious of you. Its been quite an eventful, nay traumatic, afternoon at Che Cuddles. If I were you, I'd treat myself to a large brandy and a lie down.
RIP Brian. You will be sadly missed.

Although you did not die in vain, noble buzzard, for that silly moose in the Audi will never again leap across those roads without looking out for the resistance bird.

Brian we salute you. Sniff!
That's such a sad end. I was really hoping for some good news. RIP Brian. I hope you ran after that audi driver screaming and shouting and having a go. I would have... I'm still to find the part of the highway code that says any German built car is allowed to go 20mph faster than anywhere else.

Good luck with future twitching and spotting cuddles, your idea of a nature section was commendable. However I feel it would be seen as an excuse to post photos of the results of bunnies meeting the front wheels of landies/ldvs
I'm sitting here in tears mates, really I is diluting my first scotch of the evening so it is! Poor Brian..."go not gentle into those four overlapping rings and radiator grille, but flap-flap, flap on against the dying of the birdie" - as a poet who lived during the war in this village might have written, if he hadn't been a fat, adulterous, booze-sucking Welsh throbber.

As for Ms Audi, I suspect from her reaction to bird-strike that she was not a fast jet pilot getting away early for the weekend and that her Tenor-lady pads may have had to do sterling service this day! She is not the only one to use this section of the AXXX as a race-track. I'm fed up with the number of sleeping bags and travel blankets that have been bundled into the back of an ambulance wrapped around some loon, never to be seen by cuddles roadside aid post (RAP) again!

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