Buying Zap BAdges before deployment

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by CH512O, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Gents, if your deploying out to Theatre dont bother ordering Zap badges off the net. The locals are selling them in those Bastion (with the crap spelt shop titles) bazaars. And they will tailor any design you want. I wish i found this out instead of ordering from a well known online mil supply company, well in advance of deployment only to be let down and now being out here for a week still not recieved it back at my home address. They are about $5 so a lot cheaper. And they do it in MTP, although some how i dont think they have the MOD licence yet, probably in the post!! lol
  2. Just write your zap on your kit?
  3. Tight arse.

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  4. Thought Guardsmen liked to have shiney kit with no grafitti.
  5. They may do... but if you are not a Guardsman, it don't matter.

  6. Makes flogging it on e-bay a bit more difficult.
  7. use the shop on leather neck as the one on bsn1 is shit
  8. You could write it on your kit but then with the PCS velcro patches on both shirt and UBAC as well as commanders pouch on OSPREY, its easier just to have it all on one badge.
  9. What if your badge gets ripped off?
  10. I got 2 and a union jack from UK-military-badges off eBay for £9.99 they said give up to 10 days and they were out to bfg in 4 days can't fault them one bit.
  11. Exactly and your zap should be on each arm, each leg, helmet front and back, osprey front and back.

    8 labels min, or a felt tip.

    Or have things got so slack there's a morning fashion parade?
  12. I think they are a 'trend' Dinger. They have alsorts on them, zap, blood group, union flag, rank, some trade badges and even TRFs and alergies... chad.

    I made do with a permanent pen from the SQMC and FR1234, Be Positive written on every pocket flap, gloves, boots... pretty much anything really.
  13. Thats a bit excessive for a MATT's Training week.................;-)
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  14. That was my best kit for the Razza's 'Short sleeve order' inspection.
  15. By the looks of the pictures going onto the 2 Rifles BG facebook page someone has made shit loads of money out of them. Looks like they have atleast 2 each with the badge, rank, and zap number on.