Buying youself out???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nitrox121, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if this was still possible? :?

    if so whats the deal with it?

    cheers :D
  2. All new recruits sign on for a full 22 year career under the Open Engagement. From 1 Jan 08, new recruits will be enlisted on the Versatile Engagement (VEng)

    They must normally serve for a minimum of 4 years or 4 years and 3 months reckonable service dependent on age at enlistment) including basic military training and subsequent specialist training.
  3. The question has to be asked Why?
  4. PVR is not allowed... PVR being Purchase Discharge to the Reserve
  5. Short and curlies spring to mind and they wonder why so many are AWOL?
  6. PVR = Premature Voluntary Release
  7. No. There is no such thing as buying yourself out anymore.

    Though a favoured methoed these days is to buy a £20 wrap, carry it round with you, and snort it all the day CDT turn up.

    Always works.
  8. Depends on your enlistment date as those of us who signed up on 3, 6, and 9 years have reserved rights to PVR.

    If you are on the NOTENG (Open) you can if yourt on the plain old Open Engagement then no you can't.

    Likewise even if on NOTENG (Open) depends on what trade you are.

  9. Ye, purchase discharge to the ;)
  10. It's a transfer to the reserve :wink:
  11. Exactly what Jockster said, i think the date is pre 1990 and you can PVR after this you have to sign off and do the 12 month thing.
  12. Ye, but you purchase discharge, then are transferred to the reserve.. same difference - I hold on the simplest abilities in stringing a sentence together, LoL.
  13. Thought that was only if you had do time to do in the RR to make up to the balance of 12 years' colour service?
  14. We are just referring in generally to PVR... ;)
  15. You could also stand to be elected to parliament as an MP. This costs £500 and the army should let you go pretty quickly. The only thing is you have to find a bi election to stand in first, and your stuck with all those lying cnuts for a while if you actually win.