"buying yourself out"....how does this work?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jonty4567, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Dear all,

    I'm a pretty disgruntled gunner (officer non-grad) who's just finished a tour, which I enjoyed at times but possibly for the wrong reasons. To be honest the army hasn't really worked out the way I wanted it to (due mainly to a few massive clashes of personality along the way) and I'm looking at getting out. I still have about a 18 months left on my SSC so how would I go about doing this? Is there a standard price to pay and you'e out or what? How long does it take from flash to bang?

    I would appreciate all useful advice on how to start this process.

  2. Thought about transferring?
  3. It's really very easy old boy, wander into the mess, sit down beside the Commanding Officer and light up a spliff.

    You will be out quick as a flash!
  4. I have and the SCOTS would take me but the same frustrations I'm experiencing at the moment would still apply...plus a little matter of PCBC...

    I know this is a bit pathetic and that many people will want to say "man it up and see it out"...but my mind is 90% made up so does anyone know what the process is...how much it costs and how long it takes? The reason I want to know so quickly is that I've been offered something pretty unusual and cool that starts in the summer
  5. haha paymaster....surely that's not necessary and I don't want to piss everyone off by going with a stink....there must be a nice and quiet and LEGAL way to achieve this!
  6. now you can be thrown out for failing bpfa

    Fail BPFA twice get on remedial after 3 months if you cant pass they put you on a 3 month warning if you still dont pass hello civvi street.
  7. I think answering his question would be a good idea, not how to get kicked out, but how to buy yourself out.

    Got a mate who did it, will ask him what he had to do. I think there might even be an area of JPA for it...
  8. If you are a rupert why not have the common descency to have a chat with teh CO, tell him how you feel and find out how you can get out.

    can't you just resign your commission?
  9. Chocolate Frog...we probably have differing ideas of common decency...marching into the commanding officer's office without a bloody clue about the process will just waste his time and suggest that this is just a childish reaction to not getting the posting I wanted rather than something I've thought about for a while. Do you not agree?

    Belt twit I would greatly appreciate it if you would ask your mate and pm the details - cheers
  10. Have you applied for a posting recently? If not then surely this could not be the reason.

    I have had lads asking me if they can sign off (most are still barred for a few years), we have a chat, and see what can be done. Sometimes it is just a bad week, sometimes more. The point is, they are asking the COC. Perhaps you should talk to your BC if your CO is busy?
  11. CF...this really hasn't been a bad week but this is an issue that has been building over a number of months...BC is well informed but doesn't seem to give a damn...anyways...just looking for information on what the process is...I realise that I will discouraged at every stage but I just would like to know the actual regulations.
  12. BPFA?? - PFT has been in for about 2 years now and you can no longer be discharged for just failing a fitness test.

  13. If you're not happy then why don't you get yourself accused of a crime you didn't commit and then go on the run. You could get yourself an inconspicuous black van with a spoiler and red stripe down the side. You could earn yourself a few bob by helping out members of the public against Columbian drug cartals and the such. When the monkeys come looking for you, you could escape in the nick of time with some elaborate and un-belivable escapade.

    Just an idea.
  14. J

    Take my advice, as someone who PVR'd (I know, pot, kettle black and all that). DON'T do it! With only 18 months to go, that time will go by sooner than you think. I know that by doing so I lost out on a resettlement course and other courses & qualifications had I stayed in, and I really regretted it. (and still do, particularly because of the reason I PVR'd for a woman!) Stag on and make the most of your time and think what you can do with the money that you save by not doing it. Good luck.


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  15. You might be better putting this on the officer board mate,might get a bit more sense there.........or on second thoughts :slow: