Buying Vat free from the UK, and sending to BFG

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    ive been informed by a couple of UK companies now that i have been looking to buy stuff from, That if i get "the Form" from my unit, i can purchase items from these companies Vat free, but i must get the items sent to BFG, for the vat to be removed from the invoice

    i spoke to the Mwst office and they said its nothing to do with them as they only deal within BFG, the form is got from my unit....

    does anyone know what this form is.

    thanks in Advance
  2. I think its in SOBAGS or SIBAG exemption from VAT but I think you need a BFG F 60 to import it.

    speak to yr local c&i bloke

  3. When I buy from amazon I send an email once the item has been delivered asking that they refund the VAT due to being delivered to a BFPO address. They are always happy to oblige.
  4. thanks...

    on further questioning im supposed to get the form from my CO, (i cant see that somehow), the form is a UK VAT excempt form,

    good idea asking the C&I chap, if he is ever in...

    yup i know the Amazon scheme, but when i mentioned this to the other traders they said they couldn't do that

    i thought t
  5. I am sure the form is in SI BAGS but on leaveatm so cant look for you, do u have dii?
  6. no access to DII at the mo...

    can try and get on a terminal tommorow
  7. hmm, that is apparently not the form, although i have used that when something has be brought into the country,( and stuff or stuff purchased from outside the EU) the form i am looking for is a UK tax exempt form...?

    the bfg form 60, is to make you exempt paying German Tax
  8. Depending where you are depends who you get it from.
    I went to mwst office in sennelager and they issued the form (4€)
    you have to have an invoice from the company in question (quote on headed paper will do via email)
    then they do the sheet on the spot (if you are on one stop)
  9. the mwst office say they only deal with German VAT, not UK vat, im at Hohne. i think the €4 form your on about is the Abwicklungscheine.
  10. Nope, I ordered about 3k of kit from a london company.
    Although we do have a very good mwst setup here. our office does it all!

    the form is


    (I have my copy in front of me from my receipt stash)
    if you need it I will scan to pdf with my bits blacked out so you can at least show them
  11. The Admin Office holds them where we are.
  12. exactly, getting it UK VAT free use the SOBAG, then I think u need a 60 to import it otherwise you will be liable for german tax

    are u 31, 39 or 26? can't their clks help?
  13. im 26.....

    but alas its the same situation through out the one seems to have heard of this form.

    but now i am armed with the info, i bet suddenly someone can find them

    thanks everyone, much appreciated
  14. The form you require does indeed exist and is located in SIBA(G),although the exact number escapes me at the moment.

    Normally your Mwst office or Garrison Central bank would issue you with one for a nominal extortionate fee for doing feckall, but if you don't have that luxury pay your unit Regimental Accountant a visit. As they are normally the lucky individual who pays for the PRI goods they usually issue the 1510 form as it is known after the EU article authorising the VAT refund.

    I will have a peek at SIBA(G)s and let you know the number.