Buying the War -- Bill Moyers Journal (American PBS TV)

NathanHale said:
Last night, American Public Broadcast Service (PBS) TV aired a new segment of Bill Moyers' Journal "Buying the War", which examines both the marketing methods used by the Bush Administration to sell the Iraq War to the American people durng the lead-up to the MCO part of OIF, and the failure of the American media to critically examine the Administration's claims, information, etc., and to perform the "4th Estate's" role as an additional check and balance on the Government...... All in all, Moyer's expose is pretty damning.

The URL link to PBS's website and featured show is below. It is 90 minutes long and there are no registration or U.S. only residency requirements (unlike UK's Channel 4 .... which won't let people outside the UK and Northern Ireland view its online shows, which I discovered when trying to watch Mark of Cain)....

My personal view is that anyone who cherishes personal freedom and the Bill of Rights (i.e. Freedom of the Press -- in this case, from self-censorship) would probably want to watch this ........

Comments and critiques (not diatribes) welcomed.

Nathan Hale

"My only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my Country"
The media didn't fail - they fell into line. Rove took care of that.
Downloading. I heard a bit of that on some podcast already.

Open source in At Dinner with David Halberstam offered a sort of wordy wake to the author of The Best And Brightest.

Apparently just before his death he was almost in mourning for a US Press that almost uniformally beat the drum for the war, a venture far more obviously flawed than Vietnam. One telling comment is made by a friend who was giving a talk at that radical enclave UC Berkeley: even that audience appeared to embrace the war.

The same folk in 07 are probably bleating they were deceived into supporting the war by Rovian stratagems. In reality 9-11 knocked the US sideways, was looking to vent rage and there was a wilful suspension of disbelief as a result.

Looking back at 03 it was one of those moments when the US was gripped by a sort of ideological mass hysteria. Historically it has always been prone to convulsions like this but I can't think of a previous instance that has lead the country so astray. Every carefully constructed political institution failed. With the uni-polar moment fading into the past we can now see it held greater risks than opportunities.

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