Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EgyptianPTInstructor, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Thinking of buying a Satnav.

    May want to use it on foot as as well as in the car.

    Budget about 150.00

    Any suggestions/recommendations?

  2. Try TOM TOM in Halfords were under 100 nots so long ago
  3. Try this badger: Garmin Nuvi 250W

    Widescreen. Piece of piss to use.

    Maps of Europe, which is handy when in Bratty land.

    Has never let me down.

    I have found off the beaten track locations from the Highlands of Scotland to central Germany.

    Good bit of kit, and a good price.

    Especially handy if you are a directional mong like me!!

    Cheers N_W.
  4. I bought the original Tom Tom, which if my memory serves me well was just under 400 quid. Bought a new one recently which has been enhanced, and cost 125 quid, good buy, I think.
  5. Seconded. The other half bought me one a few months back and has been brilliant so far!
  6. Recently bought 'Management' a Navman S90i. Shopped around for it and paid 170.

    Got me through central London several times and gave me a new route from Newcastle to SPTA - more importantly it is simple enough for 'Management' to use.
  7. If you buy a Garmin, don't get the cheapest one; it's unreliable, inaccurate and useless. Spend some cash for a higher-spec one.
  8. I got a Garmin Nuvi aswell (can't remember which model cost around £250).....Can't fault it as it works a treat and even has bluetooth for my mobile....
  9. I bought a tomtom one europe just before coming out to ze fatherland last year. Cost about £120 (I think) and has been worth its weight in yellow metal. Dead easy to use and accurate, with any satnav just use a bit of common though, they will occasionally send you the wrong way down a one way street or something!
  10. Everyone, Having just bought my Garmin Nuvi 250W I did quite a bit of investigation into this. Apparantly Garmin ensure that before the maps are used in their machines all the roads are driven on where as Tom-Tom just use the ordanance survey maps as their reference. This means that Tom-Tom will sometimes attempt to send you the wrong way down one way streets etc. All in all there is very little difference between the two. They are both great products and I personally couldn't live without it. My recomendations would be the Tom-Tom one europe or the Garmin Nuvi 250W.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Have a look at this one :wink:
  12. Navigon 2110 max. Full europe coverage, speed cameras, traffic info and £20 for 3 years worth of map updates
  13. tom tom for me but I is no good at technologee
  14. I've got the Garmin Nuvi 310 Deluxe, can't fault it, ace bit of kit.

    Full UK & Europe maps which are update-able for free.
    30 days of update-able traffic camera locations (but the locations still work when this expires.)
    Very user friendly - with clear directions.
    Blue tooth connectivity for hand free mobile phone.
    100s of points of interest built in.
    Customizable to what your driving - car, bike, wagon, or even on foot.

    <edit to add>
    Also comes with free traffic management, when plugged in 'it' listens to the radios traffic and travel announcements, and if there's a problem on your route, it re-routes you around it automatically.
  15. If you're going to be using it for cross country walking, check out the "Garmin Map" range of hand helds. You can load OS maps onto them.
    As already stated, the Garmin Nui series are very good for road use.