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Buying rifles in America

One of my friends is going out to the US. What is the law regarding the purchasing of arms whilst you are there? I know it differs from state to state. Would he be able to purchase a rifle or such while he was there? Also does anyone know the law regarding the sale of weapons to none US citizens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You might want to re-post this at 14:00 hrs when many of our spam friends will be dribbling their first coffee of the day onto their keyboards at work.

I know ctauch has a gun...he has threatned to use it on me if I attempt to defile his cat/wife/Harley when i visit in a couple of weeks. :lol:

He'll be online by lunchtime here

The Mrs (half yank for her sins) says that you need to prove you're a us citizen before buying anything. Most weapons have a time delay between buying and collection to allow for checking of who you are.

Not official, but hopefully of some use.
Thank you that is a lot of help. If you are a not a US citizen is there any way to purchase firearms? Say for instance if you had a VISA and were staying there for an extended period.
Spamette here, in the process of emigrating to marry a Brit squaddie...

I don't know where you're vacationing, and all gun laws vary state by state...for an example, here's an FAQ from the Caifornia Department of Justice that's a good gateway for inquiries.

I do know that California has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S.:


On the other hand, if you've got $300 USD cash and you know where your local public high school is, you could probably acquire one without all the legal hassle. Shipping would be your problem. They'd even file off the serial numbers at no extra charge. 8O
Firearms to be shipped, MUST be sent to a Registered Dealer.
Depends on the state about rifles, but almost all States require a Permit for hand guns.
Indiana does NOT require residency/ citizenship to purchase a rifle/ shotgun

However if you are here a short while, what will you do to dispose of them when going home?
Can you "borrow" desired bangstick?
ChrisV said:
Thank you that is a lot of help. If you are a not a US citizen is there any way to purchase firearms? Say for instance if you had a VISA and were staying there for an extended period.
Citizenship isn't a requirement, but legal residency is, and as I recall there is a requred length of residency before qualifying.

This of course doesn't necessarily apply to a purchase from a private individual.
IndianaDel said:
.................. almost all States require a Permit for hand guns.
Permits are usually for concealed carry, not for purchase of a handgun. Not that there isn't paperwork involved, and background check requirements for purchase.
IIRC non-citizen immigrants have to be resident for 6 months before buying any bang sticks. A mate of mine did this when he was working out there.

But check the ATF website!
i was in florida in 94 brought loads of weapons at gunshows only id i had was a state driving licence .hopefuly things have got
a bit stricter since then .
My brother went throught this at the end of last year hoping to take advantage of the difference in price between a rifle on www.gunsamerica.com and www.guntrader.co.uk.

The original plan was to visit Federal approved dealer (FFL) and buy said wepaon. Dealer then fills in the blank on the UK firearms license. Have to declare weapon on arrival in the UK to customs and then notify plod in the usual way by registered post.

However the ATF have tightened things up and now you have to use someone with an international export license. Funnily enough the cost suddenly becomes very similar to the UK price.

On the bright side the cost of scopes and night-sights is massively cheapeer and you don't need a license to import them, just declare them to HM Customs and Excise.

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