Buying Pre-Fucked Cars

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Toastie, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. I and those related to me seem to specialise in this. Now I get that brake pads wear out, bulbs blow etc but I seem to be trapped in an endless round of expensive repairs to items that I'd expect to last a lifetime or inconvenient recalls of vehicles that appear to be pre-fucked at the design stage.

    To whit:

    A Vauxhall Zafira that has been recalled three times to retrofit a heater fan that can be relied on not to torch the car.

    Same vehicle, a turbo bearing failure that came within an ace of dumping turbo fragments into the engine as a kind of fuel / air / shrapnel pick 'n' mix.

    A Ford Kuga with an injector fault after 40k miles. This is also cunningly a coded system that very few independent can fix so Ford get to charge full whack.

    Same vehicle, heated windscreen squirts with a Vauxhallesque tendency to spontaneously combust.

    Vauxhall (again) Corsa with a failed ABS control unit which apparently is a very common fault caused by a design fault. So common in fact that a Google search throws up pages of hits, one of which is a company that does nothing but fix this issue (for £150 -v- Vauxhall quote of £1100 + VAT and labour and free brake fluid all over your upholstery).

    Now, call me Snowflake but all in all I've had to rent cars for 20 odd days to allow me and mine to get about their business (we live rurally, no bus) and forked out £3k+ on fixing faults that are entirely down to the manufacturers' fuckwittery. To a man, they all play the "out of warranty" game.

    Anyone had any luck doing these people? I'm not after three weeks in Mauritius, I just want some financial recompense for my outlay.

    PS. Add to that a Renault Megane that went through SEVEN ignition coils in a year before they finally admitted there was a batch of about 10,000 duds out there. It was the AA who sorted that after a robust discussion after they threatened to cancel my membership because I'd called them out seven times in a year!
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  2. I suggest a read of some car reviews and don't buy French cars or Vauxhall!
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  3. Worst car I ever owned was a Renault Scenic RX4. Even ended up having a whole new engine!
    And that is saying something after owning a Discovery 2!
    Vauxhall's were designed by sadists with an allergy to interior curves.
    Buy a Mondeo. Solid, comfy, and most of all, reliable.
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  4. I don't spend (on day to day cars) more than £500 - seems to work
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There seems to be a common fault in all your vehicle choices.

    They're shit.

    In all seriousness though, most cars these days are.

    To understand modern cars, you need to look at the business model of the car companies. They wan't people to get a car on a 3 year PCP deal and that's it. Cars are engineered to last 3 years, anything beyond that is loss to the carmaker. Someone once said the perfect Formula 1 engine would explode as soon as the car crossed the finish. Same deal with modern cars, they're supposed to fail after the 3 year finance deal is up to encourage everyone to buy new.

    Even cars that you'd consider to be reliable like VWs have built in faults. Read up on the 2.0 TDI oil pump problem if you don't believe me. It's been a known fault on all VAG diesels for years and they still haven't bothered to sort it.

    So you have 2 options.

    1. Play the game, get new PCP / lease cars every few years and bite the bullet. Avoid any of the shit makes you've described above.

    2. Get something old and bulletproof from the days before PCPs became the preferred way of selling cars and car companies relied on the reputation of their older cars. Early 00s Toyota, Volvo, Merc. Beemer etc.
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  6. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    As above. This PCP merry go round has done something to cars. Since hoofing between the seaside and the city, my mechanics (auto geniuses) ordered me off interesting cheap motors, which I loved. The fact that most of these old hands have retired (died) means getting a motor sorted is something of a problem.

    Thousands of miles between oil changes. Motors run and abused and handed in. Dealers who take them off you, don’t service or check them. Clean them, and off to the auctions to be bought by another sucker.

    I’ve been running one which is nigh on perfect. All the toys, extras that I need. And it does everything I want. I asked about keeping it, getting a discount on the monthly payment (it’s not the money. I just thought if I’m driving an older car. I should be paying less). They were horrified. No, that’s not the way it works. That car at 4 years old starts costing everyone money, bits wear out that are expensive to replace. Servicing short cuts come back to bite.
    No, screw sentimentalities, that motors going back on its due date and it’s replacement will have a rucksack of car stuff poured into it. Circle of life.
    If I had off road parking, I’d be running an old Volvo estate or a Merc e class as a spare. But I’m not doing the miles I used to do and another ones a waste.

    Find a mechanic, pick his brains, tell him what you want and don’t be a badge slut. My last Hondas bodywork was held together by ductape. But it worked.
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  7. Serves you right for buying Vauxhall. My mk 1 cavalier was awesome, apart from its oil consumption.
    I have owned two shiteroens. Worst cars I've ever scrapped,
  8. I drive a Suzuki Liana - currently on my second one which is 10 years old and running fine. I've stuck with one of these since I found out that the head of the service department at my local Suzuki dealership has been driving one since they first came out in 2001. One of his mechanics told me the Liana is nothing spectacular but they are very reliable...

    Suzuki Liana (2001 - 2008) used car review | Car review | RAC Drive

    Worst mechanical problem I've had was replacing an exhaust and a rear wiper arm.
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  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yep, very good point on the servicing. It's not uncommon now for cars to hit their first service interval at 15,000 - 20,000 miles. 3 years of that and they're shagged.

    You just have to look around, you don't see that many old cars on the road anymore. Remember when the new registrations used to come out and you'd see your first X reg (or whatever had just come out)? No one notices these days because the roads are flooded with brand spanking new heaps of shit every six months.
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  10. What about trying the companies that offer extended warranties as part of their package (Kia and Hyundai spring to mind but there may be others)?

    The Kia owners I know, admittedly only two so not a huge sample, swear by them and are reassured by the 7 year warranty they received when buying new.
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  11. After 4 years, Mrs. B&B just got a new one, we bought her old one below trade price.

    Volvo, diesel, 110,000 plus miles, full service by the book, no road tax, 60 plus MPG

    Sweet as a nut.

    Sad to see my 05 Nissan go but.........
  12. It’s why I buy Mercedes. First one I sold at ten years old, current one is five years old. Don’t buy shit cars.
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  13. Don't buy Vauxhall, I work for a Vauxhall main dealer, so could buy one at favourable terms, but I won't.

    My SEAT is 15 years old, my Audi is 14 years old. The next motor will probably be even older.

    Buy old and tidy, where all the common faults are known, and specialists will undercut the dealers.

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  14. Can I recommend a Skoda - especially if bought from Joshua Slocum.....:grin:
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  15. Buy a usable classic , a monkey can repair most of them and parts are not always that expensive ,sometimes surprisingly cheap, Classics generally don`t depreciate , anything from a MK4 Golf TDI diesel to a nice Beamer / Merc /911 , buy the right one and you will also get admiring looks , if you are not mechanically minded you must pay someone who is to check over any potential purchase , not some dick from down the pub but a professional mechanic or even get an AA report, rust is usually your biggest enemy so waxoil and a garage are important.
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