Buying Politicians - The Chelsea Way

A bit of fun with a serious undertone. You've seen Chelsea buy the worlds best footballers resulting in winning the Premiership title twice. Money+management = sucess, it makes perfect sence, I can't knock it.

If polititions could be bought ('golden handshakes' and quangos aside) on a world wide market place would we have spent millions on Blair, Prestcott and Brown etc? When they started to under acheive (1998) wouldn't we have sold them to a smaller country and bought better politicians from abroad?

So, who would you buy?
Nice follow on D&G - I think Clinton would have been a good bye, or George Bush senior. Not sure how much you would get for Blair, probably Chilie or even one of the lesser African states would take him. As for Prescott, you would be lucky if you got anything. Best to let him go on a Bosman to the Caribean
Try and shift most of the labour party on a free. Get Chirac (I know he's a cnut, but he cant be pushed around) in with Clinton. A space for David Davis too. Centre half, gotta be Prescott though. Imagine being tackled by THAT. Have I missed the point?
Tony Benn, George Galloway, David Davis and Claire Short under Col Tim Collins leadership, if they decided to knuckle down and work together, would be sure to acheive more good for this country than the current mob. (Would only cost us 3 shillings and 6d too)
Tony Benn, George Galloway, David Davis and Claire Short under Col Tim Collins leadership
gallowgay? Eh? Every team needs a villian I suppose. I suspect Col Tim would know him the fcuk out though.
I'd buy me Gerhard Schroeder. Never hurts to have a bit of teutonic efficiency in the mix.
chavez might be fun spic ex para must be mad as a box of frogs could probably persuaded to lamp the shaved chimp on his next trip over hear.
we could probably get bill cheap in exchange for tony ( i know unfair but we managed to flog them london bridge).
Mandela getting past it but who else is finally going to sort out NI ?
obviously some israli politicon to clean out the MOD
Looking at the bunch of shabby sleazy reprobates that currently pass as politicians one has to quit this long held notion that politicians are anything 'other'. Politics does not need to be reserved for the few.-indeed must not be, especially given the new Hitleresque dictatorial controls over demonstrating and voicing one's protest. Free speech used to be something worth fighting over. Why do we just roll over and play along nowadays?
If any decent person ever felt moved to become involved in politics in some small way but held back as they felt they were not educated enough in politics and history and law etc, one just needs to look at the politicians we have now to realise that a lack of a political background needn't, indeed must not, be allowed to be a hindrance to one's participation.
Any decent, morally aware, clear thinking person with integrity and clear views on issues that affect the people of this country should get involved.
When people throw their hands in the air and exclaim the "It doesn't matter who one votes for as all political parties and politicians are the same" one must realise that there is a vaccum of decency and vision that can and should be filled by those with passion and energy and a desire to fight to change things for the better in this once great nation.
Those of us who have neither the inclination nor the drive to haul ourselves into the fray should identify and assist those who we would have represent us and support them all the way to the top, in a mission to restore proper and integrity filled democratic Government to England. When Col. Tim Collins was shat on from a great height at the end of his prestigious army career many on these boards called for him to publicly speak out on behalf of all officers and men and this this he did. Immediately for many here he then instantly just became just another person with his head above the parapet to take a pop at instead of appreciating that here was a man speaking out publicly what the rest of us were merely muttering about. It's important when we have chosen our men and women of integrity to speak out for us and act on our behalf that we back them all the way and not just knock them over like skittles in our inimitable British chippy way.

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