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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sc_obvious, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. I am in the process of buying a new PC which comes pre-loaded with Vista. I quite like XP and would rather have this OS. I managed to get a dodgy copy of office which has all sorts inc visio which I need. From reading reviews of Vista, they mention that Vista is all over unofficial software like a tramp on hot scoff. Is this right ?

    I believe you can buy original copies of XP or Office through DCSA at a reduced rate. Is this correct ?

    Any help or advice on the best way forward would be appreciated as if I have to buy XP and Office, this would have to come off the PC budget which isn't ideal.
  2. engr172

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    PM me mate.
  3. Vista is no hotter on pirated software than any other OS. You can safely use pirated versions of anything, including office any variety, even a pirated version of vista and all will work just fine.

    Most of the reported issues with copied software are designed to scare people from using them. If you get the right cracks from realtively safe locations (ie NOT from torrent sites) then everything will work just fine.

    All that remains is for the individual to decide if he wishes to use pirated software or be legitimate and buy it, the actual software itself is exactly the same.
  4. Don't suppose you could give me those 'safe' locations ? Cheers !
  5. The alternative of course is to use Open Office which is legal and free. It does everything most people want and works with the latest versions of Office too. I started using after finding out that my old but legal Office 97 would not open the latest versions of office documents and those nice people at MS were not providing a fix for 97.
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  7. On an older system so the page won't load. Bugger.
  8. If you're in the process of buying the system why not tell them that you don't want Vista installed. As long as yor money is in your hand you can call the shots.
  9. Linux and Open Office. A free, but serious alternative.