Buying new PC

Current pc falling apart & thinking of buying from Novatech.
Any one used them before or know anything bad about them etc?

Will probably buy after 22nd and get Windows7 installed.
Vista seems dead in the water from MS's point of view?

And views or advice most welcome.
Novatech are very good, if you ring them up and discuss over the phone what you need they will only sell you what you require and wont push anything else onto you.

They are usually the cheapest and if you do find cheaper ring them and they 9/10 will match or better it. Only problem with them is they use city link for delivery and in my area they are hit and miss delivery team!

I think Novatech was started by an ex Navy chap! they have offices and warehouses round the country so you may be able to reserve and collect
also you dont need to wait until 22nd, most major brand pc manufacturer's are giving windows 7 free when you buy a pc or laptop which has vista. You dont even have to buy from them direct and if you buy it now (before 22nd) you will be supplied with the equivalent 7 version upon release. The cpu's which this deal applies to are specific models though.

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