Buying kit for tour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chairbornpiefinder82, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondered if anyone could give me the lowdown on the issued kit for Op Herrick. I have just been called up for reserve service and I am due to depart soon. I heard from a mate who is still serving that these days the QM's hurl kit at you when deploying so wasnt sure what I would need to buy, if anything. I know for sure I cant deploys with my reserve scale!

    The main stuff on my list of things to buy are as follows:

    Boots (was thinking of LOWAs), Gloves, warm kit (I remember the desert can be a bit cold at night, after Acclimatization) head torch (but heard this might be issued now?) belt kit or chest rig? and anything else anyone knows to be essential.

    Thats my main concerns, would also like to know about taking my laptop..although I am not sure if I am gonna be stuck in one of the FOB'S.

    Thanks alot.

  2. Wait until you see what you get on issue at get Lowas or Mendals on issue....ask you platoon Sgt, or CSM he will keep you right..(if they have been out) :eek:)

    see you out there.. SM
  3. Everyone deploying to Herrick is entitled to at least one set of desert boots. (normally lowas or Meindl)

    Depending on your trade and area of deployment will determine what kit you need
  4. Get a decent daysack. Camelback do some good ones.
  5. Cheers guys,

    I will wait out on the boot front then. Still got my munro for a daysack from when I was in, just wondered about webbing...I'v seen that some guys use pouches on the new CBA but then I have seen others with belt kit or chest rig. Maybe it's just personal preference....chest rig for driving et cetera.

    I'v not been helped by the fact that I havent got a clue what I'm doing out there yet..I was a pioneer when I first joined up so could be doing some force protection. Then again I was in the med corps also. I have'nt so much as operated an elastoplast since I left, so I guess I will be doing some force protection or stagging on!

    Mus'nt forget to cut off the top of me nbc boot and sling it round my helmet..ha!

    Cheers again
  6. Checkout the sticky at the top of the QMs & MT Forum where you've put this.

  7. Cheers! hevent found my way around yet!
  8. No probs, look in the forum for the capbadge you 'll be working under as well, down the bottom of the Forums list.

    And have a play with the search facility and ARRSEpedia.
  9. Don't buy anything until you get to where you are going to end up !

    I travelled light, took everything that the RTMC threw at me plus a few extra sets of underwear and x2 PT kit in my hold baggage.

    Took a laptop as additional hand luggage (the crabs didn't mind).
    Cooling pad can be bought at the camp's jingly market for a few bucks.

    My mfo box was very light. A duvet, x2 cover sets and a pillow (there's a 24hr Tesco across the road from Chetwynd barracks). It took 2 months to arrive .
    Anything I needed or desired was gained in theatre from either a Septic PX (preferred option) or mail order, tax free from the uk. My kit was feckin' heavy going home though !

    Don't get any dollar$. You can sort them when you arrive and you'll get a better exchange rate (If you're going to HQ-ISAF you'll require euros instead).

    Hand luggage - Helmet, ecba, daysack with wash/shave kit and sleeping bag, IPOD, headphones and reading material.

    PS. Don't forget your gat & bayonet !

    Bon voyage et Bon chance !