Buying first set of Non-Issue boots, advise needed

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Wayfarer, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Provided I don't do something silly like break an ankle I will have passed off in just over 2 weeks time and finally able to buy some nice boots. I have my eyes on Lowa's of course but don't know necessarily what is right for me or what is generally considered a good boot.

    I did if I'm honest want to buy second hand with plenty of tread on them as a.) They will already be broken in and b.) They are cheaper!

    I saw some going on ebay reasonably priced and cheap in varying conditions but the listing said they were 'Unbranded, unlike genuine Lowa's' which put me off as surely they won't be as reliable and quality built as a genuine pair, that said I'm a complete Novice and know nothing about them really other than they are highly regarded throughout the forces.

    Any advice/help is appreciated.

    Thanks again.

  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    How much do you want to spend and where will you be wearing them and what will you be doing while you're wearing them?
  3. Don't bother buying gucci boots until at your unit. Even then, they may not be happy with you wearing them.

    It's called a "uniform" for a reason.
  4. Hi Schaden,

    Thanks for speedy reply. I don't really have a limit on how much to spend as I see it as an investment over time, as for where, only here in the UK so temperate environment, I won't be doing any excessive tabbing like the specials or infantry lads as I am in the signals but do foresee a few trips over Brecon to do some map reading with my friend who is an ex-reg and ex-special so I'd imagine he will drag me through my paces. Just a general purpose boot I'd imagine.

    ps. PrinceAlbert, just seen your reply. I won't be buying anything until back at my unit, I'm just doing my research in advance really, and they are commonplace back at my unit, most the lads there take the piss out of my issue boots!
  5. Try reading the 'sticky' at the top of this board....
  6. New issue boots are coming - I'd wait until then before spalshing out.
  7. Good advice from Prince Albert - quite apart from the 'uniform' reason and whether or not you'll be allowed to mince about in them, bear in mind that the 'new' boot, a brown job, is soon to be issued. If you go and spunk all your hard earned dosh on some ally black ones, you will rue the day!
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    What the Prince said - if i was you I'd break in two pairs of issue boots - wear them on alternate days for 6 months and after that then decide if you want buy some non-issue boots - get insoles and wear two pairs of wool socks and you'll be fine - make sure you measure your feet and get boots that really fit well.
  9. Make sure you try them all as it is personal choice.

    I have Lowa mountain boots. I love them. Most of my Trekkie mates use custom made Altbergs.
  10. Don't buy second-hand boots, they'll be broken in to suit someone elses feet not yours. There's also the risk of catching whatever manky fungal foot infection the previous wearer had.
    Save your money, see what the switched on blokes at your new unit are wearing ................then buy yourself a nice shiny new pair of Lowa Supercamps.
  11. Hi all,

    Think you made a very good point about the new kit and the new issue boots, however being a stab as they say, I'm not optimistic that we are going to see the damn stuff anytime soon. Thanks for all advice, I'll have a read through the sticky thread also.
  12. Hang on, I've just noticed that you joining the Bleeps - in which case all you'll need is some comfy slippers.

    Edited to add: Oh Christ! And a STAB too........ I've got some old DMS if you want 'em.
  13. Oh, you're a STAB. Buy these:

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  14. I'm a dirty matelot but I have Lowa Mountain boots. I love them <3

    Wearing them right now, infact.
  15. LoL,

    I knew by dropping that in I was practically committing virtual-social-suicide. I shall invest in some slippers then!
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