buying ex army property in germany now were closing camps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sortedgeezer, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. sortedgeezer

    sortedgeezer Swinger

    Has anyone got any inside info on getting an ex pad in deutschland? I've tried but i've sent on wild goose chases, typical of the people who deal with this stuff. I know they are selling houses in Osnatraz but they aint for me. if they can do it for Traz why not in other areas? :x
  2. hackle

    hackle LE

    I hope someone else can help with your question, but I suggest that many pad areas are not British property to sell.
  3. Litotes

    Litotes LE

    I agree with Hackle; I thought all MOD property in Germany was leased either from each State or landlords. I don't think we own anything and everything is on full repairing leases (bring it up to the original standard before you leave...).

  4. sortedgeezer

    sortedgeezer Swinger

    yeah but what im asking is, if Osnabruck can try to sell houses to squaddies why cant other closing garrisons like JHQ or Elmpt? Maybe its because Osnabruck has no housing market so to speak, (No offense OS).
  5. fishfingers

    fishfingers Old-Salt

    Remaxx were selling some of the quarters in Sennelager/Paderborn two years back


    There are a lot of new builds in the Gutersloh area at the moment, I know that some of these have been bought privately by soldiers before they went on lease to the military. Indeed I know of one that has been bought by a soldier and subsequently leased to the military.

    As has been mentioned, as I understand it, the Arrse has fallen out of the market in the Osnabruck region coupled with the numbers of properties becoming vacant, however some individuals have invested for the long term.

    All of the above have been done of the back of the individuals and I don’t think there is any assistance through the military.

    Hope this helps
  7. they couldnt give away some of the flats in interbau,,bronx,, fallingbostel-
    mind you would you want to live next to the united nations reject refugie camp,,,,