Buying dirty underwear

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Just been watching baggage wars on Quest. I was wondering if anyone knows if they do it in the North West? I do know the it's something Greasys in Tooting that do all BA's stuff, every tuesday.

    Wife wants a bargin, I want dirty knickers!

    Everyone's a winner if I can find where to get my hands on them!!!!

    But hey, a suticase full of dirty kncikers for a £5??!! make a killing on Fleabay!(or maybe on here)
  2. Can't you wait and raid the laundry basket on Saturday morning and put aside your boyfriends grollies for future use?
  3. Perhaps the contents of Father Jack's dirty underwear basket should be put up for sale on Fleabay......
  4. They've got vending machines selling them in Japan.

  5. Adultwork

    Prolly a bit pricey mind.
  6. I saw one of the dirty schoolgirls knicker vending machines in Tokyo around 1992 they came with a photo of the previous owner apparently not that I partook, I was short of change. In Japan collecting dirty knickers is an acceptable lifestyle choice, I'm surprised we don't have regular Japanese posters in the NAFFI they would fit right in.
  7. Hey now....

    Ron Jeremy.jpg
  8. Should point you in the direction of a dirty slapper I met in Weymouth once...
    On a course in Lulworth at the time, and Harrys Bar in Weymouth on a Thursday night was Karaoke, and THE place to be. Anyway, charmed this young lady, who was (in my drunken state) gorgeous.
    Night went well, and by midnight, we were in a taxi back to hers in Portland. Trouble is, I'd started to sober up, and she wasn't as pretty as first thought, and a good 4 stone heavier.
    Got to her (dilapidated) house, the sort of place with a microwave, a fridge, and a washing machine in the garden, and she shot straight upstairs shedding her kit on the way. Me being a gentleman went via the bog for a quick wash of the cock in the sink. Even had a scrub under the brim with a toothbrush I found in the window.
    Stepping out of the bathroom, with the light still on, I saw her undies, face up on the landing, and that was when I realized I was no longer up for this shag. They looked like they had last been used to clean Kurt Cobain's celling.
    Had a thing about women with dirty undies ever since.
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  9. Have a 'like' for sheer vividness :salut:
  10. One of my colleagues found a pair of (large) ladies knickers in his clean laundry the other day. I offered to take them back to the lady wot does out laundry, but had a quick fifty and a chuck over the knuckles into the gusset first. They were dry but a but crusty when I took them back next morning.
  11. Steady on, you only get two buckets worth before it dries up you know!
  12. Once, whilst on the road with an army mobile display team, I landed in Navy accomodation in HMS Drake. Having been out on the road for yonks I had shit loads of dirty washing. Since my diet on the road consisted mainly of ale and vindaloo the state of the associated gussets can be guessed by seasoned arrsers.

    I located the washing machines, but all were occupied, so I left my bag there and went to buy a paper. I didn't notice anything when I got back, but all my shitty shreddies had been stolen, nothing else, just the shreddies.

    You matelots have some fairly sick fucking puppies in your boats, do you not!
  13. Hmmm, I'm thinking that there must be a modern equivalent to that scam. I'm going to spend the day discovering it, and I'm not sharing it with you fuckers!