Buying Booze online - anysuggestions?

Any suggestions for buying online?

I'd been thinking wine by the case, bottled beers by the pallet ( ;) ) and so on but can't find any real bargains.

Supermarkets still seem cheaper.
I never buy my wine online, they may seem a good deal but you are paying for 2,3 or 4 poor wines in an otherwise good selection. Unless you fork out for the top end where you're get a case of good quality ones.
Supermarkets are definitely better value and have a wide choice.
Don't drink beer so no help to you.
We've used Laithwaites for wine for quite some time and never had a bad bottle yet. The last case of Rhone valley reds were superb.


I worked for Sainsbury's online dept for a while last year & a lot of booze was bought online.If you order,say,a case of Stella & it's not in stock,you can specify a substitute or no substitute.
If the is'nt one of the two choices selected then the shopper may sub it with what they think is the nearest match,ie Grolsch.
The are also a lot of offers available online but not instore.
When the delivery arrives,the sub's are pointed out to you & you can refuse the sub & the money is refunded to your card within 7 days.
(This applies to everything bought online)
AND if you ring up & complain you'll get a £10 E-Voucher! (Call centers are in Bangor (NI) & L/Derry so whatch your PerSec if you do!


I have bought wine on-line from You can choose individual bottles but you must buy in multiples of 12. Waitrose are the only supermarket that allow you to select individual bottles: most other supermarkets insist that you buy by the case or buy pre-mixed cases. There is a 5% discount on the supermarket prices and standard delivery is free. If you are unsure of what to buy then there is a website called which has a database by supermarket of wine recommendations by wine critics.

Another tip is that Waitrose do 25% off in November(ish) which is very handy to stock up before Christmas. I have also bought wine from Marks and Spencers when they did a very good offer on Cava about 18 months ago. According to Jane McQuitty the quality of wine improves greatly when you store it for 6-12 months, so I have tried to buy ahead and keep all of my stock for this time.
If you are after cheap booze then Asda is miles in front. Wholesalers can't even match their prices. Many of my customers (landlords) buy the booze to sell in their pubs from there as the wholesalers charge more. Last week you could buy litres of Gordon's Gin and Smirnoff for £14 including VAT, most wholesalers are around £14 plus VAT, a big difference.
Beers are cheaper in the supermarkets as well although more exotic ones tend to be online and cost more. I buy most of my wine from Bookers Wholesale, with quality wines the prices are definitely cheaper in the wholesaler.
Buttmaster General said:
We've used Laithwaites for wine for quite some time and never had a bad bottle yet. The last case of Rhone valley reds were superb.

Seconded. I've never had a bad bottle from them either.
Aren't there any decent wine clubs, where they send you a selection of good ones every month or so?