Buying a PS3 - Suggested Games?

I plan to buy a PS3 to replace my 11 year old PS2 soon. Can fellow Arrsers suggest a few games to start me off?

I already plan to get Gran Turismo 5, I also like EA Sports games like Fifa, NHL & Tiger Woods (though not with commentary by Sam Torrance - McChord & Feherty were much better.

I'm also keen on Tomb Raider type games & thriller types, I'm considering Heavy Rain for example.

Finally, I like shoot 'em up games such as Rainbow 6 etc. Is the new Medal of Honor a good buy?

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

Got to be Call of Duty: Black Ops & Battlefield Bad Company 2 if you like shoot em ups.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a good bet too if you like a little bit of puzzle solving and climbing mixed in with your shooting, although the control and shooting experience is no where near the Call of Duty experience and can be frustrating, but a good game nonetheless.
Try getting hold of Fallout 3 on pre-owned.
Excellent RPG, even better if you can find a copy of the Game of The Year edition. Over a 100 hours of gameplay if you fully explore it & do all the side quests. I got it at the beginning of December, and am still playing it now.

Uncharted 2, immense fun.
Call of Duty, Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2 are great online shooters.
Medal of Honour has a good storyline, but online play didn't do it for me.
Call of Duty, Black Ops didn't float my boat either, but loads are playing it online from here.
The Assassins Creed games are fun, especially the second & I've heard that "Brotherhood" (I haven't played it myself) is good also.
I'll echo the sentiment on MoH the single player is short (doable in less than 6 hours on the hardest difficulty), but is pretty immersive and intense as the majority of the levels take place in a single valley. Online it plays somewhere between CoD and Bad Company 2, the latter being a far superior and satisfying online experience. To complement your GT5 for driving games, F1 2010 is great, especially if you have a wheel controller.
I second F1 2010, great fun.

Also Assassins Creed Brotherhood is a good one, there's a ton of content in this one so will last a few months.


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I do, however, recommend Guitar Hero and its various spin-offs. Also, I've recently had a lot of fun with Assassin's Creed 2. The first one was a bit pants, but if you can get it on the cheap it's worth a look just to set the background. The new one, Brotherhood, looks quite tasty as well, although it doesn't make much of a leap from #2. That said, you do get Multiplayer on it.
Having a lot of fun with Vanquish at the moment. A fast paced shooter, a bit too many cut scenes but Sega done well with the graphics etc.
One game I loved but may not be to everyone's taste is Valkyria Chronicles, if you can get past the usual Japanese spiky-haired androgecharacters then it's a really original RPG/Strategy game which will last you ages. I'd recommend downloading the demo from PSN first though as it could be a bit Marmite.

Other than that I'd second getting Fallout 3 GOTY edition, which will keep you going for 300 years.

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