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Buying a piece of Greece

As the Greeks need every penny they can get, who wants to chip in and buy a piece. I can stump up £100 which should buy one of the smaller islands.
I will bung in £300 for Lesbos, limit its use to the activity which derives its name from the place and install CCTV everywhere including every hotel room.


I'd suggest that given their propensity for the use of certain parts of their anatomy, that they bend over backwards to allow those in Europe who wish to, to make use of this reputation....
So we should pimp out Greece? With over 11 million people that's an awful lot of whoring..
Problem with that is as they hit 30 they turn into this

I know it's Cyprus, not Greece but they are the same thing really. Me and a mate toured Limassol back in 76 looking for some action and that was just about all we could find that was willing! So, we declined the offer and went back to the bar to get even more drunk!
They have Olive Oil, and the Panthenon.
Now there's a thought! Could we snap up that Parthenon thing for a few grand? It shouldn't cost much, because it's an absolute ruin, terribly neglected by the current owners. I think it might make a nice setting for the Elgin marbles that are currently in the British Museum.
I personally think that with the amount owed we could as a country take a sizeable chunk as a payment for writing off their debt. There is some good hunting in the North so that could be a starter for 10.


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