Buying a new bike

Right, for all those out there who are good at bagging-a-bargain.

I'm looking at buying an YZF-R1, a new one from a dealership. My local dealer is offering me a deal on a new, 2008, R1.They've knocked £500 quid off,so far. And it currently stands at £7999, at 0% for 42 months.

Now, it's coming to the end of the year, and i was thinking this would be the time to get a decent deal. I know there's a new, upgraded version of the R1 coming out next year.But, the price may be well over £9500 and doubt i'd get a deal on one of those.I was thinking that this may drive prices of the 2008 models down a bit.

So, what do you experts out there think? Are there any better deals near you?
Or, should i stop dicking about, and go for this deal? OR, should i hold off til after the new year?

My advice to you is, get the best price from the dealership you have been talking to, then go on line, see what dealerships have the bike you are looking for, give them a call. See if they will give you a better price. At this time of year, they will be biting your hand off to get your business especially now that money is tight and no one is spending. Once you have got a better price, go back to your original dealer and say you can get the same bike cheaper, see what they come up with. a bit of work required, but possibly worth it in the end.
Thanks for that, got some more details, and info. End result, i think i'll wait until the new year. The thought of a new model, R1 is too tempting, fcuk the expense!!


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