Buying a house

Can anyone give me some info on how to get this loan off the army. I have heard we can claim up to 7000 pounds. I will pop into the clerks soon, but would like to know a bit about it before i do.
It is called LASP, Long service advance of pay-or it was a few years back when I couldn't get it. There are stringent conditions and I didn't qualify-in my case because I wasn't putting ALL the profit from the property I was selling into the new one.
yeah its pretty damn restrictive.

I was refused it when I went to purchase my first property (a flat) the reason was that my wife had a property..... the fact that she had bought her parents house before we even married means F*ck all to them.
there is a full DIN on the subject which tells you exactly who is and isnt entitled to it. Just ask your clerks to dig it out 2007DIN01-128

hope this helps

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