Buying a House - What will the MOD pay for?


Hello All

We weren't planning to buy, but Mrs AY saw somewhere and before I knew it we had a mortgage approved and are just waiting for the vendor to accept our offer and Yid Towers will be ours.

I am on leave at the moment and have no access to the RAO, but I am sure that the MOD will meet the legal costs of moving. Can anyone confirm this and let me know whether or not they will meet any further costs?

This is not my final move on leaving the service, so I am aware that Mov costs will not be met.




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Hi AY,

I did this a few years ago and claimed for move at public expense and disturbance allowance (must be>50 miles from your current address) in lieu of my next posting. I didn't try for legal fees (a bit late now). I am about to try the same again, let me know how you get on.



How's it going? Escaped the last job yet?

Unfortunately this will not be a tour move and only 3/4 mile, hence dist & removals allowance not really a factor.

I'll let you know about the legal fees



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Yep, now happily back in the field Army. You may be able to claim removals if you are planning to stay in your new house beyond your next posting, using the logic that they'd have to pay to move you from 1/4 to 1/4 at that point anyway. Rgds.
Hi Guy's, I too am in the house purchase sausage machine. I am in my last 18 months down south, buying a house up north and moving the family in. I will be in ssfa for my remainder of time and commuting when I can, when I asked if I could claim anything I was told no as its not a posting. Any guru's cast any light.
If I do a search on this site will any of you come up as criticising MP's for milking the system. Of course what you are trying to find out is what can you claim "within the rules" which is totally different.
Not sure if this helps, but this is my experience.

Bought a house mid posting. No movements or legal expenses covered or allowed. Used LSSA to cover legal costs/part of deposit


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From this there appears to be the view amongst some public servants (esp MPs) that every life choice or personal decision should be reimbursed by the tax payer - not so. I HATE paying taxes so stop asking me to fund your personal is all out of the same MOD pot I want to spend on body armour etc

Why on earth SHOULD you get any financial support to buy a house ?

We have protected employment, a relatively good wage and exceptional pension provision.

We have government subsidised SLA/SFA (accn/houses)

We do move around but, if we sell/buy a house, get a contribution to the costs and letting fees.

The package is very good and well explained on the MOD booklet issued to all personnel (or avail in admin offices).


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Have done the LSAP thing myself.

You don't get financial support, you get a loan from the army. LSAP, that you pay back monthly with the remainder coming out of your lump sum pension if you haven't paid it all off by the time you leave, ferk the army give nought for nought you know.

You can claim disturbance allowance if over 50 miles and the CO agrees to it, it can cancel out boarding school fees though, as you are providing a stable enviroment for your children by owning your own house. You have to live in it, you are not allowed to buy to let, though in certain circumjstances they will allow you to rent it out if you have lived in it over a year, but you pay higher interest on the loan.

Legal fees come out of the loan, which is at most £8500.

It was designed origonally for those over 35 to allow them to settle in an area before they left the army, but as the Navy and RAF gave it out at a younger age the army now follows suit.


Any chance of moving this to the RHQ Forum?

I don't think the "Gurues" look in here that often.

(What is the plural of Guru anyway?) :D
Chapter 7 section 4 gives the answers to my question ref final tour of duty, by the way grouping I will be handing all my kit in soon if you still want that body armour so badly.


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two-four-albert said:
Chapter 7 section 4 gives the answers to my question ref final tour of duty, by the way grouping I will be handing all my kit in soon if you still want that body armour so badly.

I'm in the same position as you.

I moved the family under the Final Tour of Duty criteria, got removals, DA, FIA and GYH.


Ok - if this is a mid-assignment move you will get no removals or disturbance allowance. In order to claim anything it must be done on assignment unless there are compelling reasons beyond your control that necessitate the move.

You may be entitled to the LSAP, but be aware that it is an employee loan, and any such loan > £5000 beocme a taxable benefit in kind and you will pay more income tax.
Don't forget to send a copy of all your claims to The Telegraph.....

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