Buying a gaming PC

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by carlbcfc, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Just having a look around for gaming machine, im confused as to what I actually NEED to have seamless gameplay.

    2.7, 2.93, 3 x2, x4 :? :? :?

    I do not want to go over the top, and spend money on what I will not really use. I will probably play sims, stuff you do not really get on your console.

    As an quick example off the steam site, Tropico 3, Anno, Civ Rev, Company of Heros... what would you recomend to play this type of game?
  2. Holy shite that made me giggle

    "NVIDIA GeForce 8200 with Directx 10 (For top of the range games)"

    Epic fail. It's not a gaming PC by any stretch, stay the feck away from it.

    Shop at Linky

    Minimum you want something like those. Always go Overclockers :D Price to power ratio and build quality are excellent.

    P.S remember to select which operating system and things you want when buying a system on the overclockers website.
  3. Can I use my 'shady' Vista disk as my OS?
  4. If it doesn't work out then you can get a proper one from the same shop.
  5. Problem is they start at near 500 quid, 300-ish is my aim. Does not have to be brand new either, as long as it does the job.

    Is it the video card that seperates gaming from standard PC's?
  6. Something you can count on with Overclockers, as I said, is the price to power ratio. They blow every other fecker out the water. They also have a very high standard in building them, and use the best quality kit going.
  7. Of course you can, just you'll miss out on their doing all the setup work for you etc.

  8. Setup work meaning installing the OS?

    Cheapest Overclockers is nearly £600 if you have an OS included. I do not think im serious enough to spend that much to play a few sims.
  9. I'm hoping to get a gaming PC set up this year and this is the advice I got, and a bit of research too.

    Get a custom built one with XP Professional OS (Rock solid reliability and best for Gaming, allegedly)

    Avoid anything in PC world, obviously...

    Typically a faster processor the better. Be prepared to spend a good few quid on this component. Anything less than a 2.66Ghz quad core is going to be obsolete soon and a waste of money.

    NVIDIA graphics cards are a good choice. Avoid ATI Radeon

    6GB Memory

    1.5TB HDD

    And a big fan to keep it all cool

    £500-600ish, to start up, but you can add better components over time.

    I want a set-up optimised for Flight sims and air combat sims, so a widescreen monitor and Track IR5 is desirable. Voice activated Software is also due out soon

    I have been looking at these new touchscreen PCs as this would be great for the virtual cockpit. Touch the switches instead of point and click with a mouse. But these touchscreen PCs arent gaming spec. Perhaps in the future a touchscreen monitor can be added to my setup
  10. Was true a few years back, but not anymore. ATI have been slapping the feck out of Nvidia of late.
  11. Are they? Or is it a case of you get what you pay for? I think NVIDIA are still good value for money. Does a similar performing ATI cost significantly more?

    The OP mentioned seamless game play. I believe for the the play to be seamless its more about how the software works with various components. High processor speed wont make up for a poor graphics card
  12. Ok, so here I go again with what will most likely be another copy and paste fail...


    Where does it lack, so I can get an idea? The overclockers ones are great, but I aint going to spend that much.

    Edited: There are also loads of different specs avaliable HERE

    Any good ones in my price range there? Also, AMD or Intel?