Buying a dog in Germany

What are you looking for?

And why do you want a dog?

I know of some good pups near by....

Although be warned, the breeder doesn't sell to just anybody, nothing against you, but they sold a dog once to a family who mistreated it. Thus if you want to buy a dog from them, you sign a hefty contract to say how you will treat the dog.

That said....

The dogs are probably some of the best doggies going. You are looking at 1000 bucks though.

Failing that let us know what you want, we used to live there so have a few contacts in the area.

Would you consider a rescue? They always need good homes and love.
What kind of dog do you want. If a Border collie I have a friend in Germany who is a very reputable breeder of BC's. PM me for details.
My partner & I run a rescue for dogs & would not rehome to the forces (OMG I hear you say) due to them moving around the world (we have done that). If you get a dog are you prepared to have the passport done (approx cost £1000) to bring it back to the UK?? Or are you planning to either put the dog in quarrentine (cost approx £1800) or selit on??
Please think hard about what you are 'wanting'. Why not volunteer at a local dog rescue/pound to foster.

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