buying a car in germany

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. hello, im off to germany in about 2 weeks, and was just thinking when i come to buy a car is it a ball ache or is there dealers on camp who cater mainly for forces guys, any tips would help as well i.e left hand drive over right and all that, thanks a lot
  2. You'll be spoilt for choice, depends on what you want though. Take my advice shop around, play the dealers off against each other and go for a right hooker, better re-sale market! :D
  3. Don't be scared to visit the German dealers either. They can get UK spec cars too.
  4. go to cars direct and mention my name i'll go halfers on the 250 quid :p
  5. Hi buying a car in germany is easy, i brough 2 over there. First one was delivered but the second i have to drive back to the uk to pick up. Deff shop around and do play the dealers off cuz you will get a better price. Getting it BFG'd is a bit of a hassel as you have to buy different headlights if you get a uk spec car. Make sure you get all the paperwork sorted as i got stung for £1500 on tax cuz of a cock up with the paperwork. The discound that you get compared to the uk is alot and wish i was still over there so i could buy something out of reach over here like an Evo. Any way good luck hope you get something nice
  6. Buy through a dealer who is a tax free to soldiers specialist and you will have no paperwork issues. Most also will throw in the extra set of headlights free.
  7. thanks for the advice guys,ill keep my eyes peeled
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Easy to buy but a ballsache to BFG.
  9. If you splash out a bit and get Xenon headlights installed from the start you'll be ok. You can adjust them to shine the other way. Well, mine did, and I presume other ones will as well. Saves you buying another set.