Buying a Camera at Duty Free

Discussion in 'Photography' started by PeacePhlapps, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of buying a DSLR at duty free?

    Does it actually save much or are better deals to be had on t'internet?

    Looking at a low end Canon EOS kit of some varying degree of shininess.
  2. Check that the guarantee will be valid in the country you call home. If that's the UK then contact Canon UK direct and save their response if positive.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    why not get the prices off Amazon, et al on the internet before you leave and then make your mind up when you see the prices in duty free?

    I saved a load of money buying mine in Jersey a few years ago - no VAT and GST hadnt really kicked in then.
  4. The problem with that is that if Amazon / eBay / pawn shop is a lot cheaper, I'll be left either paying over the odds complete with free bitter aftertaste, or getting on long haul flight to sunny climes with no camera.
  5. Be aware that Dixons and other shops at UK airports are not actually "duty free", and haven't been for several years...
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  6. Dunno about cameras/electronics etc, but I've found that the rest of the stuff at the "duty free" is not much cheaper than what you find elsewhere. This includes booze, perfume, and makeup (the last two according to my wife, and keep your smartarse remarks to yourselves...), can't comment on cigs as I don't smoke.
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    cigs definitely smoking friends descend upon me like vultures if they hear I'm going anywhere.

    on balance, for something like a DSLR, I'd shop around online. the comments re the warranty and whether you're covered for this country are worth bearing in mind as well.
  8. Admit I hadn't even considered the warranty: I generally assumed they're not worth the paper they're printed on.

    Will keep hunting deals online.
  9. Look at DSLR | Dixons Travel

    Phone the shop within 7 days of travel and ask the price (shops listed at the bottom of the page).

    Compare with internet sales.

    If Dixons is cheaper, reserve the item and pick it up at the airport.
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  10. Cheers - had no inkling it was possible to reserve in duty free. Will give that a go and if it works out you've earnt yourself a Toblerone.
  11. Depends. In many countries they'll be as cheap if not cheaper in the corner shops. Only Aussie, New Zealand, Norway & Ireland have more expensive cigs than the UK.
  12. My Canon warranty from Spain is valid in the UK, it's pan European. Thge problem is where the camera is being bought "duty free", if it's in the airport, the 20% less tax you pay is set off somewhat by the 50% extra these places charge. Media Markt do some amazing deals at times - my new Canon was about 100 euros less than everywhere else, then as an Easter special offer they were including the lens, and as a "special today", another 80€'s worth of camera bag.

    In the end I got it pretty much half price, all considered.
  13. When I was looking to replace mine I looked into Duty Free and found it was in the top third most expensive for the pieces of kit I was considering. In the end, I let my search be dictated by currency exchange rates and bought online from abroad.
  14. Do your research and know exactly what you are after and what to pay. Also beware that you'll owe duty on the whole thing if it costs more than your duty free allowance. Coming back from Hong Kong some years back the colleague I was travelling ended up with (a) not the latest or best model (b) paying more than the UK list price (c) having to pay duty.

    But he was RAF Regiment
  15. In Florida I found that a 357 Smith and Wesson was actually cheaper than a Canon DSLR ? So I bought the Smith and Wesson.
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