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Buying a boat , fantasy or reality?............

Whats the going rate for a survey?
Not owning an ocean-ranging booze-guzzler like @FourZeroCharlie, mine have cost me quite a bit less than that; £200 for a 25'3" Fisher three years ago. I actually bought the present one from the chap who did the survey on the Fisher; a former MM Chief Engineer, and got the survey included in the price (attested, don't panic). He's well regarded throughout Ireland, and not just the bit in the North.

It was subsequently found that he'd used navigational charts as gaskets on the engines (a common practice, I'm told, on cheapskate merchant ships) and had managed to drive one of the engines with a twist on one of the belts (not a common practice). It's said that you'll pay out 10% of the purchase price in the first months of new ownership on repairs and upgrades. I passed that in July; good thing that the final price was 20% less than the asking.
Anyone here living aboard? I may be between houses soon and considering it , it will also be my way of getting a boat without WW3 with the missus, there would be three of us , boat budget would be up to £50k , thoughts, recommendations, pro's / con's ?
Edit I prefer wood or steel hulled, ideally a motor sailer.
@FourZeroCharlie has the experience on this; I thought I might be able to live for a few days on a much smaller boat than his, but to be honest, the inconvenience would be horrific after more than a week - it's not even a 'studio apartment'; think Gatwick Airport capsule hotel... The boat I have now is a little bit longer, and much wider, and I could live on it for as long as I liked, but I suspect the Mrs would mutiny and jump ship within days. With three people on board, in my opinion you'd be at war with each other in anything less than a 50/60'er, especially if it's also going to be used to cruise.

Having your budget in mind, I'd be leery, unless as a temporary way of bridging the gap between proper homes - and don't forget the operational costs, which include maintenance, upkeep and repair; buying the boat is invariably just a start to buying lots of other necessities. Best course might be to visit some prospects and make judgements on the spot, before commitment.

(I had, for a couple of years, acquantance with a pair of odd people in the boat at the end of the pontoon, a small cuddy and tent speedboat, who lived onboard for weeks on end; their moans of delight with each other and their vodka cocktails echoed throughout the harbour; their outdrives were green all over, and weed hung like stalactites to the bottom. He was very wealthy and I know could afford a much larger refuge, but they seemed to like their little nest. They left after the infamous 'flares' incident, and are now infesting Bangor Marina. Whatever floats your boat).

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