Buying a 303 Lee Enfield

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by londonirish, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to where to look for a decently maintained 303?

    And how much should I expect to pay?

    And lastly, availability of ammo, or is it better to get one converted to 762...

    thanks in advance
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    LI check PMs
  3. No absolutley not!

    Plenty of mint No 3s and 4s around for not alot of money.

    York guns and Fultons (although pricey) usually have some decent stock, or drop a pm to our enfield guru.... 4(t)
  4. i think there a quite a few in 7.62 nato allready
  5. that's what I meant to write, my ambiguous use of the word "get" sorry, I had heard the same however...

    So MDN, I understand its probably not worth paying to have a minter 303 converted, and is almost sacreligious, however, is buying an already converted one a good idea in your opinion, reference availability of ammo, making it a better/worse weapon etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    .303" No4t sniper rifle in its original transit chest with all accessories including scope tin and scout scope. Holland and Holland regulated BSA 1945 rifle fitted with No32 Mk1 scope. The regulation issue sniper rifle of the second world war these rifles are rarely available with the chest and kit. Exc condition with very good bore and fine accessories. £3500

    .303" No4t British military issue sniper rifle c/w no32 mk1 scope. 1945 dated BSA gun regulated and scoped by Holland and Holland. In very good condition with nice well marked wood and exc bore. £2495

    .303" No1 Mk5 troop trials service rifle. Issued in 1922 as a large scale troop trial the Mk5 was an improved SMLE using a receiver mounted aperture sight. Although not adopted at the time by a nation still struggling to recover from the first world war the design went on to become the No4 rifle adopted during the second world war. In very good condition with good bore and nice wood work. A very rare Enfield. £950

    .303" No4T WW2 sniper rifle with No32 Mk1 scope. Regulation issue sniper rifle in good condition with very good bore. £2495

    .303” No4 Mk1 service rifle, Fazakerley 1949. £325
  7. depends if you are going to reload your own. I've not done .303 but I'm told that they can be tricky because of the primers used in that cartridge
  8. No a Lee Enfield is a beautiful piece of British heritage, anyone who had one re barrelled to 7.62 is a criminal and should be neutered
  9. 303 Ammo is available in quantity Privi Partizan made in Serbia is currently £35 per 100. Surplus 303 has all but dried up the last lot turned up in Albania and was at best average click bang stuff which was selling at about 16p a bang.
  10. If you are going to have a go at reloading your own you may find this Reload website helpful
  11. Get yourself a No5 carbine
  12. What's the legality of getting hold of rounds if one had say, hypothetically of course...a working 1916 Enfield in the loft....

    PM if you could help in such a scenario. (Hypothetically of course).
  13. interesting loooking rifle the No5


    the sniper model sounds good, the guntrader site has one for £850 rather than the three grand above...

    I am so out of date on this stuff though, how large a magazine are you allowed these days, the full ten? Or would that turn me into a latter day Michael Ryan in the eyes of da Five-Oh?
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    No-one sensible with an FAC is going to help with that.

    Get it registered and get yourself a ticket pronto, you could ask local RFD to hold it on their ticket whilst you wait for yours!