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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by DPM, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Anyone out there able to share any good ways to drive down the cost of dealer sold 2nd hand cars. As a complete notice I an keen to avoid being totally fleeced. Will be part exchanging with any luck.
  2. Yeah inspect the car thouroughly (if possible take friend who is knowledgeable about cars if possible) and point out damage, faults and lack of things (e.g. aircon). Point all of these out so he knows you have noticed them and you can look at getting money off the book price.
  3. never px your old car unless it is a shed and the dealer does min px.
    sell your car privately and get a better deal.
    ask the dealer for discount from the screen price for no part exchange.
    Ask if there is any additional discount if you do the deal today, (sometimes works if they are trying to meet their targets.)
    Remember this. Salesmen are told that all customers are liars.
    Pay for an AA inspection on the car if it is older than 2 years.
    Ask your friends who they dealt with and if they are any good.
    And lastly show no fear and don't look like a noob

    At your service
  4. Always try and buy at the end of a month, they have targets to meet.
    If you can buy in December, people have other things to pay for in December and deals are easier to come by.
    Shop around and make sure they know you are going to the competion.

    Good luck
  5. beaten too it I work in sales and a friend of mine sells used cars, it's true if you've got a target to hit to earn a wedge of cash then you go all out!
  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Cheers for the steers fellas.

    Will action as advised!

  7. If buying from main dealer, end of month/quarter is good (but not the day before FFS). Don't try and get a cheaper deal by binning the dealer warranty- sod's law will pounce. Sell your p/x in the Autotrader if you're buying used but there may be P/X support if buying brand spankers. Ask for full tank/mats etc - they are unlikely to be thrown in but if you don't ask you won't get. Get it serviced before delivery, and try and blag a major rather than lube service. Big dealers will have to do that anyway as part of manufacturer standards, but make sure a/c gets regassed, brake fluid change done and the cambelt change above all!

    When negotiating, be reasonable but firm - there isn't a £4k profit margin in a £5k retail price! Get a professional trade price for your old car and the one you're looking at - Glasses Guide or CAP Black Book. Parkers Price Guide's only value is propping up wobbly tables.

    If buying from Bob's Autos, get an HPI/Experian check done above all things, AA inspection if out of manufacturers warranty (free with membership of one of the breakdown orgs IIRC).

    Do NOT under any circs buy from 'Supermarket' operations - find a local dealer that has been recommended!

    Check out the dealer finance on offer - it can be pretty good, especially on lower balances vs the high street, but a lot of lenders don't like HMF on personal loans.

    If you want a Guide valuation for your current car or one you're looking at drop me a pm.

    (and yes I'm in the trade but I don't have a sheepskin coat)
  8. Dont take finance or any of the other thing they will bolt on the deal, get a price for just the car on the road.
    Fancy paint protection, warranties and other such things only make the dealer more wedge, no matter how convincing the sales exec can be